Fish & Seafood Restaurants

Barba Roja Restaurant
Bar and restaurant serving sushi, seafood, ribs, chicken and beef dishes. Overlooking the Pacific, can organize wedding receptions. In Quepos.
La Princesa Marina
Seafood and fish chain restaurant serving all types of seafoods, rice, meats, chicken, cocktails and coffee. Has delivery service and take out. Open Mondays to Saturdays 11:00-22:25, Sundays 11:00-21:00. Located 100 meters south of Channel 7, Sabana.
El Ceviche del Rey
Restaurant specializing in sea food, steaks, rice dishes and much more. Also has restaurants in Santa Ana and Santa Domingo. Located at Calle 2, Alajuala, Alajuela.
El Gran Escape
Restaurant and bar (Fish Head Bar) serving a variety of cocktails and burgers, seafood, lobster; can also cook up your caught fish in a number of ways - fried, blackened, grilled, garlic, fish fingers, or sashimi. In Quepos on the seafront.
La Casona del Marisco
Fish restaurant, bar serving different types of shell fish and fresh sea fish. Located 150 east of Rosti Pollos in Cacique de Alajuela, going towards Alajuela, in front of the agriculture park.