Public Transport: Buses & Trains

Train service with routes San Jose-Belen, San Jose-Orotina, San Jose-Pavas, San Jose-Puntarenas, and Freses-Latina University-Pavas. Open Mondays to Fridays 05:00-21:00. Located at the different stations before mentioned.
Bus service with routes San Jose-San Isidro General (South Pacific). Open Mondays to Sundays 05:00-18:30 Located in front Maternidad Carit Hospital, San Jose.
Pulmitan Liberia
Bus service operating from San Jose to Liberia. Open Located in St. 24 between Ave 5 and 7, Barrio Mexico, La Merced, San Jose.
Grupo Caribenos
Bus service from San Jose to different point in the Atlantic Coast. Open Mondays to Fridays 07:30-17:00 Located Barrio Tournon next to eh Old Kamakiri.
Empresarios Unidos
Bus service with routes San Jose-Puntarenas (Central Pacific region). Open Mondays to Sundays 06:00-19:00. Located 16th St. and 12th Ave., San Jose.
Costa Rica by Bus
Guide with information about getting around Costa Rica and San Jose by bus,
Empresa Lumaca
Bus service with route San Jose-Cartago. Open Sundays to Thursdays 05:05-00:00, Fridays to Saturdays 24hrs. Located 5th St., 10th Ave., San Jose.
Trasnportes Unidos Alajuelenses S.A.
Bus service offering rides from San Jose to Alajuela, Alajuela to Heredia, and other points in Alajuela. Open Mondays to Fridays 07:00-17:30 Located 200 meters west, 25 meters north of Almacen Llobet, Alajuela
Busses Heredianos
Bus service with routes San Jose-Heredia. Open Mondays to Fridays 05:00-23:00. Located at 4th St., between Avenues 5-7.