Tourist Offices & Information

San Jose Costa
Tourist information website for San Jose, providing information on the area, events, festivals, travel services and more.
Canatur Costa Ricas Board of Tourism
Offering useful information on Costa Rica with tourist guides, events, press releases and more.
Samara Carrillo Info Cente
Offering tourist information, travel planning and bookings.
Information site of whats on and events in Cartago.
Tourist Information Alajuela
Tourist information website for Alajuela. Located 100 east of the Agonia church, Alajuela. Open Monday-Thursday 07:00-16:30 and Friday 07:30-15:30.
Municipal Office for Cartago
Offering information, news and administration facilities for the town of Cartago. Located in Cartago. Open 07:00-16:00.
Municipalidad de Heredia
Official tourist site for Heredia. Located in Avenida 0, calle 1, contiguo al Liceo de Heredia, Apartado 7-3000, Heredia,
Cultural Center San Jose
Providing information with events, courses and programs for educational purposes and entertainment, administration facilities also available.
Guancaster Costa Rica
Information website for Guancaster, covering the following topics: hotels, places to visit, general information on Guancaster, maps, tours and packages.
Costa Rica Tourism and Travel Bureau
With information on hotels, tourist sites, and activities covering different areas of Costa Rica.
San Jose Tourist information office
With information on Costa Rica, where to go what to see, travel, hire car and more. Office located in the east side of Juan Pablo II bridge, over the motorway General Canes, San Jose. Open Monday-Friday 08:00-16:00.
Municipal Office Belen
Providing information, events and news for the town of Belen.
Cultural Center of Spain for Costa Rica
Poviding information with news and events covering mostly San Jose.
Municipal Office for Pococi
Providing information, events and news for the towns of Pococi, Limon and Guapiles.
Municipal Office for Puntarenas
Providing information and news for the town of Puntarenas. Located 200 meters north of the tribunal court (tribunales de Justicia).
Costa Rican Institute of Tourism
Offering information on Costa Rica with maps, planning visits, press releases,culture and much more. Located on the east side of Juan Pablo II, bridge over the highway, General Canes, 777-1000, San Jose.Open Monday to Friday 08:00-16:00.
Cartago Tour Chamber
Offering information on tourist attractions in Cartago. Located in the municipal of Cartago, east coast, altos de tienda Arenas, Cartago.
Vista Costa Rica
Information site for Costa Rica covering topics such as: tourist information, exchange rates,news, weather and more.
Tourist Information Office Cartago
Promoting tourism, culture and activities in Cartago. Located at 506 Cartago, Cartago. Open Tuesday-Saturday 08:00-17:00 and 08:00-12:00.