University, Higher Education & MBA

University of Veritas
Offering a range of study programs from the center international, to include: integrated arts and design, short term programs amongst others. Located 1 Km east de Casa Presidencial, edificio Veritas, Zapote, San Jose.
Universidad Latina Campus Heredia
Programs include: hospitality, information technology, plus many others.Located in front of the shopping center, Paseo de las Flores, Heredia.
Monteverde Institute
Courses in eco-tourism, tropical ecology, sustainable development, Spanish, agro-ecology and conservation biology. Located in Monteverde, Puntarenas.
Universidad Internacional de las Americas
Specializing in teaching medicine, surgery, pharmaceutical, administration, business accounting, international trade, software engineering, public relations, tourism and many more. Located in Barrio Aranjuez, Calle 23 & 7, San Jose.
Universidad de Costa Rica
Public university with opportunities for international students to study under their student exchange program. At "Rodrigo Facio Brenes" Montes de Oca, San Jose.
University for Peace
University created by the United Nations. Subjects include: environmental security & peace, international peace studies & many more. Located in Campus Rodrigo Carazo Odio, San Jose, Costa Rica,7km al sur, oeste de la pulperia, Chepe Monge, Ciudad
CIU of Costa Rica Online
Offering a range of study subjects to include: business administration, law, criminal justice, plus many more.
National University of Costa Rica, offering a wide range of subjects, help and information. Located at Administrativo Campus Omar Dengo, Heredia, calle 9, Avida 1 & 0, Heredia.