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My friends from Costa Rica I have to tell you a story and I have to warn you to be careful with everyone:    I had a horrible experience with Mr. Ehlers (Ehlerscars SJ) and one of his mechanics. I liked to have Mr. Ehlers to help me to sell my car, a sports sedan. I met Mr. Ehlers and his mechanic on a parking lot of a home depo in San Jose. It was the easiest way to meet. While talking to Mr. Ehlers the mechanic was checking the car. After a few minutes the mechanic ask to go for a test drive. Yes of course. And he left with a well functioning car. I have been driving the car all day long and I also had another potential buyer driving the car a few hours before. There were no issues with my car. The mechanic came back about 10 to 15 minutes later and immediately talked into Mr. Ehlers ear. Mr. Ehlers came to me and claimed that the clutch of the car is broken. What? It was all fine when the mechanic left for the test drive. I checked the car. Using the reverse gear I heard a horrible knocking noise out of the gearbox and the clutch did not work like before the test drive. The same in forward gear. And there was this typical smell from a tortured clutch. So I asked the mechanic what he did. But he only talked to Mr. Ehlers and they claimed that this clutch was already broken. The car came that broken from the test drive that even the least competent mechanic would not have began a test drive. He would have asked immediately what is wrong with this clutch. But they keped on claiming that it was already broken.  While talking to Mr. Ehlers, trying to solve the issue, he claimed, after about 10 minutes, that he has to go and left me with my broken car. So I tried to get the car home but the clutch broke down completely after a few miles and I had to tow the car home. Since this, all attempts to get in contact, to solve the issue, failed. Mr. Ehlers claims to be a honest businessman. I am waiting to see this.

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Where is the best priced place to go?

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Can anyone mention secure parking (pay by the hour/day) which is convenient for the National Museum in San Jose? If you know somewhere for lunch that would be great extra info.

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Can anyone recommend a good mechanic to service my Mercedes?

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Does anyone know about hiring a van? What documentation would I need to supply and what hire companies are recommended?

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can anyone point me to a list of items that i have to carry in the car here?

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has anyone got a recc for a mechanic, speaking some english would be helpful

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I prefer to have a cab booked for coming home in the evenings and was wondering if anyone knew a taxi firm that can give me a female driver, it would just make me feel more comfortable.

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this has happened to us twice are we just unlucky or is it a common thing?

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Help, I would like to import my Toyota Rav 4 EV (and my house charger) but for the life of me I cannot navigate the government website to find anything regarding cost/inspection but all I can find is details on diesel and gasoline cars :( I can understand they are interested in the suspension, wheels, brakes and lights but how are they going to assess things like emission and engine state when it is just a battery and an electic motor?   What about import tax, I found the details for hybrid vehicles but nothing on all-electric (other than a Cushman golf cart)? I read somewhere there are less than 100 EVs in CR. With the zero emission goal you would think the govt would want to make this type of import easier and certainly cheaper - or at least have some sort of policy? 

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Hi! I've found an older truck in Costa Rica I'd really like to export from CR to the US. I've read a lot about the rules for importing a car into the US, but I think it'll still be worth it for me to hire someone to assist in the process.  Does anyone out there have suggestions for a good company to work with? Have any of you done this before?  I can find lots of info about importing cars to CR, but none about exporting them. Thanks!

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What is your view on tax cut on hybrid Vehicles?

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What are the driving conditions like in Costa Rica? Are we talking the need to hire a 4X4 if coming on holiday or will hiring a basic car be sufficient? I've heard reports about the roads being a bit on the unsafe side, is this true? Thanks Malcolm

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Is it feasible to import my car from the USA and what are the regulations if so?

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Can anyone recommend a car dealership or second hand car dealer in San Jose?

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