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What is the custom here for tipping when dining out? Do the staff usually get paid a full wage with tips as a bonus or is it a case of the employers making up staff wages to a reasonable amount by including tips? Thanks in advance for your comments.

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Can anyone give me info on making a will here?

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What documentation do I need to open a bank account?

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Are prenuptial agreements legal in Costa Rica? 

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How do I find a good real estate agent/broker?

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Can I vote in U.S. elections even though I live in Costa Rica?

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I am considering retiring in Costa Rica If I do move down how does it affect my Social Security pension?

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Do you have any suggestions on the best way to  get my  pension  to me from the U.S. to Costa Rica? Not sure how most expats do this to avoid transfer fees? One gal told me  she just uses her debit card but that  doesn't sound right to me, they eventually ware out, then what LOL! Morgan Stanley handles my pension & they are saying to find a U.S. Bank in CR. but I have not found one of those either. Any  good advice  would be most appreciated.    

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I am thinking of making a will sometime this year, can anyone recommend a good legal team of solicitors or lawyers? I am based in San Jose.

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