Importing a vehicle from the US

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Hi Everyone, I am looking for information on importing a vehicle to Costa Rica from the US. I found the information provided on this site, but my question relates to a new law that is possibly in the process of being passed. Supposedly, CR is implementing a new law that would restrict the importation of vehicles older than 10 years, and because of that, shipping companies now won't ship vehicles older than 10 years. BUT, we talked to a guy in customs who said we could still do it if we do it soon. He says the law has not been passed yet, but it will be soon. Others say it has been passed, but has not yet taken effect. So, there seems to be some confusion about this law.Does anyone know about this law? Has it actually been passed yet? If so, when will it go into effect? Has it already gone into effect? It seems like that would be useful information that would likely be on this site if it had, but....??? Any information or help would be greatly appreciate. I am trying to avoid paying a bunch of money only to find out that I will not be able to bring the truck in - it was a truck of my aunt and uncle's, both of whom died in the past few years. They bought it new in 2000, but they were both elderly and never drived it much before each died. It only has 32,000 miles on it. It's a great truck that would be nice to have here, and for all intensive purposes, it is brand new. So, I appreciate any info that anyone has. Thanks so much!Best, Cathy


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