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Where can I find the best priced quality sunscreen?

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I am starting a temporary office placement next week, they told me to dress business-casual and was wondering what that means here? Back in the UK, I would wear a smart skirt or trousers with a nice top and blazer or fitted cardigan.

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Would anyone be able to recommend a chiropractor please?

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Can anyone recommend a therapist who is experienced in helping to deal with anxiety?

started by: Amelia-994562 · last update: 1427121001 · posted: 1426520396

Can anyone recommend a really amazing tattoo artist please. Willing to travel!

started by: Amelia-994562 · last update: 1425079565 · posted: 1424221696

Can someone recommend a salon for keratin straightening please?

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Do doctors automatically offer flu jabs to people in "risk groups" here? I mean for the children, elderly, people with health problems? If not, how do you arrange to get one?

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can anyone give me the contact details for a bach flower remedy practicioner?

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Does anyone know of a store that does a decent line in wide fit shoes? All I can find are really grannyish styles.

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I am considering get a "ring" tattoo, I have never had a tattoo and wonder if its very painful having one on your finger. If you have done this what do you think

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Can anyone recommend a nail tech who is skilled with shellac manis?

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can anyone recommend a nice spa?

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I am looking for a good surgeon, to do some cosmetic work on my eye area, any ideas or referals? Thanks.

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 Will Medicare cover me in Costa Rica?

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A few people have asked me for belly and exotic dance classes in Costa Rica, so here are some suggetions: http://www.therealcostarica.com/living_in_costa_rica/clubs_costa_rica.html http://www.yemayabellydance.com/ http://justlatinsalsa.co.uk/costa-rica-rainforest-salsa/  

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A friend of mine is getting married and she has asked me to find out if I can find any good wedding planners covering various areas in Costa Rica, any suggestions?

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Are there any self defence or Tai Chi classes classes that anyone can recommend?

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