flu jab

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Do doctors automatically offer flu jabs to people in "risk groups" here? I mean for the children, elderly, people with health problems? If not, how do you arrange to get one?


El Rayo 1417448273

I believe there is usually a campaign in January.

pirate-ninja80 1417567049

Thanks for that, I'm a bit early thinking about it then!

Yolandi-964080 1418249948

Have you had the flu jab before pirateninja? I was thinking of getting it but worried about side effects.

TarrieB 1418398375

Trust me, any side effects from the jab are nothing compared to how truly horrible the flu is. Get your jab!

pirate-ninja80 1418663633

Yes, I have had it before with no troublesome side effects. As Tarrie says, it is far preferable to catching the flu.

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