Office style?

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I am starting a temporary office placement next week, they told me to dress business-casual and was wondering what that means here? Back in the UK, I would wear a smart skirt or trousers with a nice top and blazer or fitted cardigan.


Tekky Dude 1429708336

The look you describe sounds about right to me - based on what I have seen women wearing in various offices. Good luck in your job!

TarrieB 1429796231

For me, business casual would be a well-groomed look but with relaxed detailing. So, you could do a lightly tailored skirt suit and then pick out a colourful blouse and matching accessories.

Yolandi-964080 1430263436

You could drop by the office a few days beforehand to look at what the other ladies wear.

Amelia-994562 1430405867

Thanks everyone that was really helpful!

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