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I am considering get a "ring" tattoo, I have never had a tattoo and wonder if its very painful having one on your finger. If you have done this what do you think


TarrieB 1404837345

I found it painful but my partner did not guess it depends on the indiviual.

Eclipse-964079 1404942421

guess your right about it being down to the individual, I am a bit of a whimp so still just  considering  it.

El Rayo 1405086995

Tattoos where the bone is closer to the surface (fingers, ribs etc) are always going to be more painful. Don't let that put you off though, its not an unbearable pain and your tattoist will let you have breaks if you feel overwhelmed at any point.

Eclipse-964079 1407162278

I've decided to go for it - anyone able to recommend a tattoist please?

El Rayo 1407331311

I will PM you details of two tattooists that I have used.

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