Robot Vacuums

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Ice Cube



I am thinking of buying one of those fancy robot cleaners, does anyone have one and they any good?


It's Tico Time 1367555173

I too have looked at them, as I hate doing house hold chores, but I have to confess I am undecided.

Abby-898911 1367555393

I have one and to start with it was good and a novelty, but to be honest it does not clean as well as any individual can using a normal vacuum cleaner.

Malcolm-904802 1367855204

What's stopping the thing falling down the stairs? They seem rather expensive to me and if I have to go around blocking off potential robot death-traps, I may as well do the vacuuming myself!

Now, the robot lawn mowers, they're a different story...



MarilynM-898909 1369450417

Malcolm I have seen the robot lawn mower, never tried using one myself, have you then?

Abby-898911 1369626543

As I have said before I have had the vacum one, but if the lawn mover one is the same then I think it might just be a waste of money, but I would like to hear from anyone that has one or has ever used one in the past as an interest.

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