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I am looking to addopt or buy a Bengal Cat. I have lots of outside space and love to offer, can anyone suggest a website for me. Thanks.

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Are there any rules here about whether you can keep chickens as pets in urban areas?

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Just read the news item about the baby attacked by an american staff. How many times does this have to happen before people start taking more care with these breeds, especially around children? I don't blame the breed, but think that you have to be a really committed owner to ensure that the dogs are correctly trained to stop problems happening. I wouldn't take one on myself, because I wouldn't be able to give t all the time and attention needed.

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Does anyone know of a scheme here to get stray cats neutered? There are a lot around my area and I'd like to do something to help them.

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Read this article and thought some of you might find it interesting http://news.co.cr/snakes-beach-costa-rica-reason-worry/36020/ Has anyone come across one of these sea snakes before?

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Can anyone give me any info on adopting a kitten?

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Hi, Can anyone recomend a good vet in San Jose.

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Whats the funniest thing your pet dog or cat has ever done?

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I am having trouble in trying to find a good cattery any suggestions or recommendations.

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