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Hi everyone, good morning from Europe , I have been trawling the internet about Costa Rica in order to "stitch" my trip together but would like more info than just selfadvertising websites. Would anyone be help to help with the '' do and don't  '' ? The forthcoming (3 month)  trip is aimed at exploring the feasibility of retiring there but : 1)  learn the language with a 4 weeks intensive course in a group. ((  I am looking for an  official quality language school, a real one, not just a self professed one  )) 2)  explore the country  after the course  but with a biais : amateur astronomy. The  area where to settle and rent for a while before buying needs to follow certain criteria . I do not seem to able to find any links to amateur astronomy clubs/associations ( but for one whose latest update was in 2012 ) ... would anyone amongst you know where I can get the information. Many anticipated grateful thanks. Avionna    

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Posting on behalf of my neighbour who would like to know if there are any adult swimming lessons available locally.

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where is a good value place to buy sports supplements such as whey.

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Has anyone tried out any of the surfing schools in Costa Rica?

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Would love to hear from other golfers with their reviews/opinions onlocal  golf courses.

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Is there an ice-rink in San Jose?

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Can anyone offer any info on getting an existing pool updated to salt water system.

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can anyone suggest good places to go camping?are there zones where it is illegal to camp?

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Can anyone suggest a karate class for kids~ who are beginners?

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where can i take my tennis racket to get restringed?

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Where is the best place to go fishing in Costa Rica and how do I go about it?

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When is the next big soccer game in Costa Rica?

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Ther is a surf contst in Guanacaste at 07:00 on the 26th is nayone going. It should be a good day out.

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Can anyone recommend a boat trip that takes sightseers to where they can photograph marine life? I'm looking for something a bit special for my wife.  It can be either coastline as we don't knwo where we're going to be staying yet. Thanks in advance Malcolm

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Not knowing much about soccer I saw that Costa Rica had beaten Canada 1-0 recently and was just musing if this meant that Costa Rica would be going to play in the Brazil "World Cup" I keep hearing about? I´m not very clued up on these matters.

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Does anyone know when the next games of football are for Deportivo Saprissa?

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