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Hi everyone, good morning from Europe , I have been trawling the internet about Costa Rica in order to "stitch" my trip together but would like more info than just selfadvertising websites. Would anyone be help to help with the '' do and don't  '' ? The forthcoming (3 month)  trip is aimed at exploring the feasibility of retiring there but : 1)  learn the language with a 4 weeks intensive course in a group. ((  I am looking for an  official quality language school, a real one, not just a self professed one  )) 2)  explore the country  after the course  but with a biais : amateur astronomy. The  area where to settle and rent for a while before buying needs to follow certain criteria . I do not seem to able to find any links to amateur astronomy clubs/associations ( but for one whose latest update was in 2012 ) ... would anyone amongst you know where I can get the information. Many anticipated grateful thanks. Avionna    


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Hi Avionna

Learning Spanish in 4 weeks would be mightily impressive if you did it. To be honest, they speak a lot of English in Costa Rica, especially in the known tourist areas. Good place to learn Spansh because the Costa Ricans are really clear.

Can't help with the astronomy unfortuantely either however I know a man that might be able to. Contact Eric at Costa Rica Green Adventures. He will more than likely be able to hook you up with whatever you need. He's genuine Tico and his english is impeccable. Lovely chap!

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Many grateful thanks Malcolm for your quick reply.

Ref Spanish : I already have "some" knowledge but want to humbly start from scratch to acquire a more sound basis.

Ref Astronomy : I shall follow through with the link you step at a time might take me somewhere.

Have a good end to the week.



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