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Has anyone tried out any of the surfing schools in Costa Rica?


ticotalk 1367620849

Yes.  I like the beach in Tamarindo for beginners.   Some good surf schools int he Tamarindo area are 

Kelly's Surf Shop

Tamarindo Surf School

Iguana Surf



It's Tico Time 1367728786

Thanks Ticotalk. I will check them out.

tamarindo 1425105968

Tamarindo is a wonderful place for learning how to surf. There are many surf schools, and tons of places you can rent surfboards from. Make sure that you pick the right surf break though. I have a surf map on that shows which breaks are better for beginners, and which are more suited for advanced surfers. Also do not forget to put lots of sunscreen on, the sun is strong and you don't want to start you vacation with a flaming sunburn.

Tekky Dude 1425475426

Thanks for the advice, I can't wait to give it a try myself!

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