Citizenship by Investment in Cyprus


Cyprus offers a very attractive Immigration program which is increasingly popular and relates to obtaining Cyprus/EU citizenship by investing a minimum of €2 Million in Cyprus. This option allows for investments not just in real estate but Cypriot businesses, companies regulated by CySEC and a combination of the above investment plans.

The applicant must have clean criminal record and his/her spouse and children can also obtain the citizenship. Minimum required investment is €2 Million and the investor must also own a permanent residence in Cyprus worth a minimum of €500.000. The four different options for investment are:

1. Investment in Real Estate Developments

The investment can be on residential or commercial property.

2. Investment in Cypriot Businesses

The investor can invest to register, purchase or participate in Cypriot businesses. The business in question must employ a minimum of 5 Cypriot citizens or EU citizens who have been residents in Cyprus for the 5 years prior to the application for the citizenship.

3. Investment in alternative investment funds, financial assets of Cypriot legal entities licensed by CySEC

The investor must invest in units of alternative investment funds or in bonds, securities and debt securities of Cypriot companies licensed by Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission.

4. Combination of the above investments

This criterion includes a combination of any of the above ways of investment and the investment can include an investment in government bonds up to a maximum of €500.000.


a) Visa free or visa upon entry travel to 159 countries.

b) The right to live and work freely in all the countries of the European Union.

c) Several different ways to invest intelligently with a good rate of return.

d) Citizenship includes spouse and children of the applicant.

e) No requirement to live in Cyprus.

f)  No donation to the government required.

g) Quick processing of applications.

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