Mind Body Baby Limassol

First on its kind in Cyprus. Wellness Centre guiding moms through the critical stage in their baby's early life. Based in Limassol.


We follow an organic and holistic approach guiding moms through this critical stage in their baby's life

The first 1,001 days of a child’s life – from conception to mobility – is recognized as being the most vital time in their development. It is in this primal period that the roots of emotional, physical and physiological health are laid down. Childhood stays with us from life, adult behaviour and personality characteristics are shaped by the events of infancy and childhood. The 1,001-critical-days theory recognizes that this early period has a major influence upon child and adult health and future lifestyle choices.

Mind Body Baby is a new world for infant health, wellness and development. The Mind Body Baby concept was brought to South Africa in October 2013 and has grown from strength to strength. With it’s first store in Limassol this year.

Mind Body Baby has built a strong family dedicated to ensuring the guidance of safe and healthy practices in the home and out the home. We welcome everyone to this new clean sterile and effective environment for a better and stronger future for our communities, it takes a village and we are happy to be that village. The Mind Creates the Body.