MOVING Overseas

Posted by: Vincenzo-Sparavigna-896963 · 1604994059

Moving overseas. We are selling many items including almost brand new furniture, accessories, some electronics and full kitchenware as cutlery, tableware,  pots etc. Only 5 pictures were allowed on this site but we have plenty on request.

Everything was purchased December 2019 but used only 2 months, as we have been abroad mostly of the year (partially due to lockdown) and came back to Cyprus only last week. We are leaving the country again, for good, next moth, before Christmas.

Each individual or party interested to inspect the items and wish to visit at our domicile MUST send an email and MUST provide a telephone number in order to schedule and organise a meeting according to their need, as we are almost free everyday.  We can use WHATSAPP OR VIBER to provide more detailed pictures of the items. As we are going through difficult times for the COVID Pandemic, Safety procedures will be respected, so please wear your mask otherwise you will not be accepted.

We live in Drosia Area in Larnaka. Address will be disclosed after contact exchanged.

Please respect our privacy. Thank you.