Old Charm Games Table

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Old Charm Games Table for sale in great condition.

Very unique and versatile table for playing chess, cards, backgammon and many others. Top of the table comes off to reveal a backgammon table underneath. The reverse of the top of the table is covered in green felt for playing cards. The table also has a secret drawer accessed from a button underneath.

Chess pieces are included which are no longer available when buying the table new. 1 chess piece is missing and 1 is slightly damaged as can be seen in photo. The missing and damaged pieces can be sourced and ordered if needed. Backgammon pieces and cards not included.

Dimensions are as follows- W76 x D76 x H77

More information on this unique table can be found on the Old Charm website-


Please see the old charm website for more details

Has been designed and made in the UK.

The RRP for this table is £5119. 

We are looking for just £2750 but are very open to other offers.