Personal Courier Service

Posted by: Noize · 1568220296

Personal Courier service, Door to Door. Any time of Day, any day of the week. Within the same day.

Need an item or items delivered from, or to the Nicosia area to/from any other location in Cyprus, Today?

Akis express/ACS closed or it’s the weekend?

Bought something online, maybe of value, from another area of southern Cyprus and unable to pick it up or want it quickly?

Got something fragile/delicate/of value to move from A to B, can’t rely on the run of the mill courier?

Too big for a motorcycle, too small for a truck or pick up?

I can pick up from your stated location the item/s (no bigger than 140x100x70) at any time of the day and deliver it to your chosen destination that very time of day. Securely and promptly.

No next day waiting, office open waiting, going to or from an office to pick up or drop off.

I’m direct Location to Location with immediate effect.

From or to the Nicosia area and including all major towns, or rural areas.


This is a personal service, the collection/delivery is only for your requirements therefore there will be no delays, misplaced or mishandled items. 

·         No persons to be carried.

·          Any time past 9pm – 6am incurs 20% extra charge.

·         Sat/Sun is classed as a weekday