Profitable Online Livechat Dating agency/escort website for sale

Posted by: tanyadarren · 1605270380

We are selling very profitable Livechat-Online Escort/Meeting Place website.

Though this website clients can create their own profile whether they are single ladies, men, guy, lesbians or couples.

The website generate income from:

1. There is a monthly or annual fee subscription for those who create their own profile.

2. There is a membership Packages for those who just would like to have a livechat with the other members 

The owner dont really have to do anything or know this industry as everything is set for new owner already. No knowledge necessary!

* All clients can create a fee profile but only with one picture.

* The payable profile have option to place up to 10 pictures, description, credential and the video.

* Paypal and Visa payments already incorporated but will be changed to the new owner.

Just sit at home and see your capital is growing.

The website has been on the market for 5 years and generates a great income. We are talking for of minimum of 3,800 to  approx. 19,000 per month based on several countries optimisation. You need to point us out to which County (Market) you would prefer to work on and we can optimise you on the 1st page of Google there, so you can feel comfortable to work. (Condition applies)

* The website has a domain protection. Meaning no one can find out who website belongs to.

* The website has SSL certification meaning no hacker will collapse your website or it would be extremely difficult.

The website currently in 2 languages: English and Russian.

Usual price would be 50.000 euro. Due to covid, we will be considering to sell in between 24,000 to 28,000 euro.  With offer above 25,000 euro you will be optimised and showing on 1st page of Google in 2 countries! Offers will be considered. Payment plan available if you cant afford to pay all in once but with added interest.