Cyprus HomeCare Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning, Solar Energy & Heating

Air conditioning servicing, including full strip down and clean of the indoor unit, steam cleaning of the cooling section, drip tray and rotary fan assembly. This is just some of what we do; please follow the link to see our full service video.

Cyprus in the summer time can be beautiful but HOT! We all need to cool off at some stage in the day, a cold beer is lovely but nothing beats the cool comfort that comes with air conditioning. Cyprus HomeCare is a company dedicated to keeping your air conditioning working efficiently. Most of the air conditioning systems here are split type systems, that is to say an outdoor compressor unit and an indoor evaporator unit. Those of us from the uk are not so familiar with them because it is too cold (hence why we are here) so some times we can get a bit confused as to how they work, and what setting to run them on, we explain some of this on our website. We offer a ‘servicing’ service second to none and at a reasonable cost however we do get booked up very quickly in the hot season. We can offer a planned maintenance service to ensure that they are actually done ready for the season. We can install new systems from scratch, re-locate, and replace old units; however we will try to nurse the old units along until they finally do need to be replaced.

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