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We are a leading Cyprus firm of lawyers specialised in Company Law, Real Estate Law, Debt Recovery, Personal Injury and Civil Litigation. Extensive experience in all these areas of law. We pride ourselves in our professionalism, dedication and ethics.

Our firm has lawyers who are qualified both in Cyprus as well as in England and Wales, offering peace of mind to English-speaking clients. Our lawyers can offer help and advice across a range of subject areas including, Real Estate, Wills, Personal Injury, Medical Negligence, Debt Recovery and Company Registration and Management.  

Property Law

Our firm deals with all matters relating to property and we offer our services to both individual and corporate clients. 

Areas of work include:

• Acquisition of Property by foreign nationals

• Sale/Lease Agreements

• Wills, Probate and Estate Administration • Estate Planning and Administration 

• Property Management for non-residents

Debt Recovery

With nearly 40 years experience in Debt Recovery and Collection, we offer Debt Recovery services to an expanding network of clients from around the world. We combine extensive experience of the legal process with a commercial and practical approach to debt collection.

Our team is highly skilled and well acquainted with the legal approach to debt collection. We have a wide range of clients who operate in different business sectors including financial institutions, medical institutions, small companies and individuals who have all benefited from our efficient and effective debt collection service.

Personal Injury

A personal injury can happen at work, in a traffic accident, because of mistakes during medical treatment, because of a faulty product or a faulty repair, because you fell in a pothole with your car or because you slipped and fell on a wet floor. The personal injury can be physical or psychological but, to be considered actionable, it must occur due to the unreasonably unsafe actions or negligence of your doctor, your employer, a manufacturer, a public authority, or any other person or organization who owes you a duty of care. Examples of personal injury law causes of action include road traffic accidents, medical negligence and slip and trip accidents. Our staff deals with any Personal Injury related cause of action and we act for both Claimants and Defendants.

With 40 years experience and a wealth of legal knowledge, we strive to provide an excellent service, focusing on the individual needs of each client in a cost effective manner.

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