Safe.T.First antiSLIP

Falls on wet, slippy, ceramic tiles, marble and stamped concrete, around the pool and on patios, cause expensive hospital visits and unnecessary pain and suffering. We can cure this problem instantly with our range of inexpensive non-slip treatments.


In Cyprus, ceramic tiles, marble, granite and natural stone are widely used as flooring materials - both inside buildings and out.  However, while attractive and hardwearing, hard floor surfaces present a significant slipping hazard when wet, particularly for young children, the disabled and the elderly.  As most will have found to their cost, tiled patios can be very slippery in wet weather.

In commercial and organisational environments (hotels, banks, restaurants, retail outlets, schools and public buildings), a landlord or business owner has a duty of care to all who use the building.  This responsibility extends to flooring as much as to anything else.  In today’s litigious society, personal injury claims arising from poorly maintained floors are a risk no landlord or business owner can afford to take.

So what can be done to remedy the situation?  Traditional solutions involved taking up the offending floor surface and replacing it with one less slippery; a major, time-consuming and expensive exercise.  Such drastic solutions are quite unnecessary nowadays.

Falls on slippery surfaces are now preventable.  Modern, liquid-applied, moisture-reactive treatments such as FSI’s antiSLIP can be used to treat most hard surfaces and make them completely ‘non-slip’.  These treatments are virtually invisible, involve minimal disruption and can be walked on immediately after treatment.  Most importantly, they are not expensive.

Safe.T.First Pool Safety Ltd has been appointed Exclusive Cyprus Distributor for FSI’s antiSLIP and is equipped to undertake site surveys and Static Coefficient of Friction (SCOF) testing.  For a nominal outlay the company can treat a sample area, giving the customer an opportunity to evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment before committing to a larger area.

For more information please contact Safe.T.First Pool Safety Ltd on +357 99 385218, +357 99 389173 or email:  [email protected]