StaffMatters Recruitment

StaffMatters offers expert recruitment services to international and local companies situated in Cyprus, and to candidates seeking employment across the spectrum of sectors, including Finance, Accounting, Admin, Forex, Legal, IT, Sales, and more

Licenced by the Department of Labour, StaffMatters Recruitment brings to you a team of enthusiastic, dedicated and experienced professionals to facilitate the recruitment not only of permanent staff, but also temporary/contract staff for your company. With 15 years in the recruitment industry in Cyprus, StaffMatters has extensive experience and significant resources to sourcing candidates for every possible need in your company:

  • An extensive database of jobseekers: StaffMatters maintains, under strict GDPR policies, a substantial pool of candidates in all the sectors for which we recruit.
  • Targeted advertising: Invaluable experience of which job advert in which medium and in which format delivers the greatest success. 
  • Local and international network: StaffMatters has established successful collaborations with several companies abroad (including Israel, the UK, Ukraine, Romania, Poland, Russia and Belarus), that enable us to successfully and easily source candidates outside of Cyprus, should the local market not have candidates with the skills, experience and qualifications that you require.

Our obsession with service excellence also extends to outsourced payroll, professionally managed by our qualified and experienced Payroll Department. In addition, StaffMatters offers general HR services (including employee annual appraisals, immigration and work permit services, exclusive time and attendance software, exclusive shift scheduling software, and more).

At the heart of what we do at StaffMatters, is our mantra: “We take recruitment personally”

StaffMatters brings you professional solutions head and shoulders above the rest. We have solutions to the recruitment, staffing, payroll and HR challenges in your company. Our clients range from large international groups of companies to small local businesses, established giants to start-ups. Hundreds of clients in Cyprus continue daily to rely only on StaffMatters for all their recruitment and HR needs. Thousands of jobseeker’s trust and rely on the StaffMatters Recruitment Team to assist in their employment options and career growth. And we love exceeding their expectations!

If you are an employer looking for solutions to staffing, HR or payroll challenges in your business, or you are a jobseeker looking for your next career move, let StaffMatters show you how our passion, our people, and our experience, can positively impact your endeavour.

Speak to the Experts at Work at or +357 25 34 13 83.