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StaffMatters Recruitment offers expert recruitment services to international and local companies situated in Cyprus, and candidates seeking employment across the spectrum of sectors, including Finance, Accounting, Admin, Forex, Legal, IT, Sales, and more.

 As one of the top recruitment companies in Cyprus, the services offered by StaffMatters Recruitment Specialists are focussed on two key areas:

  • Employers who have a job vacancy in their company, and
  • Jobseekers who are searching for jobs in Cyprus.

Employers who have a job vacancy in their company:

When a client entrusts us with a new vacancy in their corporation, StaffMatters offers exceptional levels of service to ensure that high quality candidates are submitted to the client for consideration. A new vacancy is an exciting time for any employer: it means that the business is growing, or has the potential to be improved with the addition of a new staff-member to the team. A new vacancy can also, however, mean receiving hundreds of applications, often completely unsuited to the advertised job, and a tedious process of screening and interviewing to find the ideal candidate. More often than not this results in wasted hours and advertising expenses when the whole endeavour delivers no suitable candidates. 

The StaffMatters Recruitment service offers the most professional solution to this recruitment process: we have tens of thousands of jobseekers registered on an extensive and highly searchable database system.  This affords us the luxury to quickly and accurately identify suitable candidates. Should the existing database of jobseekers not yield the perfect candidates, your vacancy will also have been placed on our website and various other jobs websites. We handle the often overwhelming response to such job advertisements; we screen the applications; we submit only the most suitable CVs to you for consideration. And the best of all: the entire service only incurs a cost to you once you employ the candidate that we had introduced to you. 

Our clients have come to expect exceptional service from us, because that is the driving force behind our Recruitment Team.  We would like to invite you to put this claim to the test, and look forward to hearing from you on +357 25 341 383. 

Jobseekers who are searching for jobs:

At StaffMatters Recruitment we understand all too well how frustrating it can be when you are looking for a job, whether you are unemployed or looking to change your current employment. We endeavour to assist you in this search when you apply with us. Your profile will be kept up to date on our database system with your most recent CV and we continue to include your CV in every search for every vacancy for every client. It is as simple as that. Every time that we identify your profile as suitable to the job requirements as set out by a client, we will be in contact with you to discuss the vacancy and submit your CV to the client for consideration. 

When you register as a jobseeker with StaffMatters, your CV will therefore be taken into consideration continually and new opportunities will be presented to every time they arise. At no point whatsoever is there ever any cost at all to you. 

Our Recruitment Team frequently receives compliments from candidates who have experienced our excellent service, and we would like you to put us to the test today. We look forward to hearing from you +357 25 341 383.