Financial Consultants & Advisors

Interested in investing in the global stock market but dont know where to start? This overseas expert has the answers you need! Contact Investor Morse and take advantage of his many years of stock market experience for leadership on your investments.

Investor Morse - Investing in Confidence

Morse is a specialist in overseas investment and is keen to focus on the big picture. He believes that the expat population are often not well advised with regard to offshore investment.

Watch a short video here.

Morse uses an investment strategy which is formulated at the highest international level but portfolios are personalised to each investors own needs, not pooled with thousands of others with the very high costs of mutual funds.

As well as tailor-made portfolios, Morse offer something more: he is each investors own portfolio manager with whom they can meet or talk any time of day in privacy about:

• Overseas Investment Accounts (no tax reporting) & Company formation.
• Tax Reduction by tested methods
• Investment Accounts with Cheque Book and Debit/Credit Card (second card in any name required)
• Option Writing Plans to normally yield ± 20 per cent annually
• Consultation by ‘face-to-face’ private meeting.
• Fees by mutual agreement (min. US$ 1,000).
• Minimum Account US$ 100,000 or other equivalent.
• Free Portfolio Reviews & Evaluations
• Weekly money making ideas for Germany, USA and the UK
• Segregated Accounts.
• Serious Principals Only. No Agents.
• References Available.
• Subject to Terms of  Engagement

Not available where prohibited by law.

Dislaimer: Please note Morse is not registered for investment business in Cyprus nor does he conduct investment on the Cyprus market---neither does he operate any Trust funds in Cyprus.

Listen to Investor Morse on Rock FM (98.5 in Paphos 89.2 in Limassol and online) on Wednesdays at 08:30 Cyprus time (GMT+2) and on Sundays at 10:00 Cyprus time.