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Cyprus to UK packages 7 General
Is there a company that does regular trips from Cyprus to the UK and back again? I am looking to sen...
started by: Bertie Mac · last update: 1471933020 · posted: 1470981967
UK / Cyprus plumbing compatibility 3 Home & Garden
Quick question, does anyone know if I bought a shower mixer from the UK (
started by: Bertie Mac · last update: 1471932948 · posted: 1471251935
Help required 3 General
Casual worker required for two hours  some mornings.  No driving just helping to deliver beds and...
started by: Monkeycat · last update: 1471932828 · posted: 1471601345
Location info on adverts 4 AngloINFO Support
I have placed a couple of free ads just now, but even though I added Paphos as my home town, when I click on 'Lo...
started by: DianeH-10047255 · last update: 1471767192 · posted: 1471686162
Business idea feedback 5 General
Do people think there might be a business in a shop selling second hand mobile handsets and / or imports from lesse...
started by: Bertie Mac · last update: 1471751985 · posted: 1470076064
Anybody near Asgata ? 0 General
Hey Anglo Infoers,Finding village life a bit too quiet i have been here since April with my wi...
started by: andy-sharma-867403 · last update: 1471745956 · posted: 1471745956
Limassol - trustworthy Subaru car rapair... 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Hi!I have broken a left mirror in my Subaru. I need some that I can trust to fix it. Can you recommend an...
started by: Piotr-G-867343 · last update: 1471676081 · posted: 1471676081
jobs 0 AngloINFO Support
I pressed jobs to put a wanted ad on for a helper but cannot get into it ?
started by: Monkeycat · last update: 1471600698 · posted: 1471600698
Episkopi Summer Fete 1 General
Can anyone please tell me when the Episkopi Summer Fete is this year?
started by: Dingbat-695890 · last update: 1471455857 · posted: 1471433555
Cyprus Citizenship 2 Financial & Legal
Hello,I am an entrepreneur wishing to relocate to Cyprus since my wife is Cypriot by origin....
started by: Rene-Peters-865279 · last update: 1471435722 · posted: 1469362048
Cypriot Cookery Lessons? 0 Food & Drink
I would really like to learn how to properly make some local traditional cuisine, does anyone know of anyone who...
started by: Barbara-Paul-862057 · last update: 1471413966 · posted: 1471413966
Flyscreen replacement 0 General
Hi can anyone recommend someone who can replace a flyscreen in the Limassol area. Thanks
started by: limassol girl · last update: 1471347016 · posted: 1471347016
Fishing - boat / kayak / shore (spinning... 0 Sport & Leisure
Hi allI have all my fishing gear with me, staying until end of Aug, if there is anyone with the same pass...
started by: leon2010 · last update: 1471271368 · posted: 1471271368
Fridge magnet seal 0 Home & Garden
Hi allCan anyone tell me, where in Larnaca i could get a replacement magnet seal for a fridge/freezer ?.
started by: cooky224 · last update: 1471251228 · posted: 1471251228
Mazda Demio 2011 model 1 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Mazda Demio, 2011 auto. Steering noise when parking. Does anyone experiance the same problem?How to repai...
started by: Dutoit · last update: 1471166548 · posted: 1469796662
Small electric motor 0 Home & Garden
I am rebuilding a small lathe and am in need of an AC electric motor of somewhere between 1/6th and a quarter ho...
started by: Graham S · last update: 1470988577 · posted: 1470988577
Clock repairer (Horologist) wanted 0 Home & Garden
I have an antique wall clock that needs repairing.  Does anyone know of a reliable clock repairer (horologi...
started by: MrsL-720246 · last update: 1470926615 · posted: 1470926615
Beware what pre-existing medical means! 4 General
Recently had a medical claim refused by Atlantic Insurance because of its interpretation of pre-existing.  ...
started by: Cliveann · last update: 1470822722 · posted: 1469790034
Manicures & Pedicures at Home 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Can anyone recommend a beautician who does at home visits? 
started by: Barbara-Paul-862057 · last update: 1470822381 · posted: 1470822381
Rash guards 0 Sport & Leisure
Looking for a seller of rash guards (children's sizes) please, in Larnaca.
started by: Bertie Mac · last update: 1470743183 · posted: 1470743183
how to post free ad 1 AngloINFO Support
started by: rhett butler · last update: 1470691514 · posted: 1470657255
Beautiful kittens for free 0 Pets & Animals
Beautiful kittens are looking for beautiful family. Very tidy, playful 2 little girls are looking for a new home...
started by: tatoonko · last update: 1470685895 · posted: 1470685895
cleaner needed for tmr 09.08 .2016 0 Financial & Legal
hi! very urgent!!! cleaner needed for tomorrow  for few hours, 5 euro per hour. office is located close to ...
started by: katarzynageorgiou · last update: 1470682572 · posted: 1470682572
Seek a job opportunity on Cyprus 0 General
Hello Everyone. This moment I'm seeking a job on Cyprus. About my background,...
started by: Valeriy Grebenyuk · last update: 1470653784 · posted: 1470653784
Olympics 0 Sport & Leisure
Hi, does anyone know of a free streaming site that is showing the Olympics? Without using a VPN. I know that thi...
started by: fduggan · last update: 1470579063 · posted: 1470579063
Bad Garage 1 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Can I take a Garage to court for seizing my engine after they allowed Petrol to mix with the oil. They have char...
started by: alan graham · last update: 1470424651 · posted: 1470176531
Health cover for man in his 40s 2 Health, Fitness & Beauty
My son is talking fairly seriously about moving to Cyprus. Initially he wouldn't have any employment and, as suc...
started by: Bertie Mac · last update: 1470424544 · posted: 1469470590
Swimsuits 1 General
Does anyone know of a swimwear shop in Limassol that sells swimsuits with DD cups, similar to Bravissimo in the...
started by: Dingbat-695890 · last update: 1470309073 · posted: 1470304503
Know of Promo Staff or an entertainer in... 1 Entertainment
I need an actor for my wedding who will need to wear a costume. The wedding is taking place in Paphos. Anyone kn...
started by: bubbles7 · last update: 1470159690 · posted: 1468344552
Hello I am already a DJ and Presenter and country singer but I want to form a duo. If you like singing country e...
started by: linneymint · last update: 1470159460 · posted: 1470159460
Accountant 0 Financial & Legal
Looking for an Accountant in the Larnaca area to do a small amount of work.  Don't want a large compan...
started by: justrehab-670621 · last update: 1470039630 · posted: 1470039630
Salad Cream 3 Food & Drink
Thought I'd ask this question just so as I don't have to go hunting; where can I buy Heinz salad cream in Larnac...
started by: Bertie Mac · last update: 1470038866 · posted: 1469185785
Good gynaecologist at the Makarios Hospi... 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Hello!Would anyone know of or can recommend a good gynaecologist at the Makarios Hospital III in Nicosia ...
started by: Christalla-Kyriacou-865732 · last update: 1469811366 · posted: 1469811366
French lessons 0 Families & Kids
Hello everyone. I need help. We living in Paphos. And my son want to study French. And you probably all know tha...
started by: yoyo15 · last update: 1469797633 · posted: 1469797633
car insurance advice sought for Larnaca ... 1 Financial & Legal
hello, can anyone recommend an insurer for normal driving in the Larnaca area.  I've been to one insurer wh...
started by: annamarya · last update: 1469790314 · posted: 1469784415
French English bilingual person 0 General
For quite a while, I have been interested in the idea of helping English speaking people who are living in or movin...
started by: Julian-Julian-865657 · last update: 1469737772 · posted: 1469737772
BEWARE 0 Pets & Animals
I was told today that small dogs are being taken to be used for bait in Dog Fighting.  A lady was walking h...
started by: Loopylooloo · last update: 1469706053 · posted: 1469706053
Social Insurance 0 Financial & Legal
Hi all. I moved to Paphos from the UK in April and started work for a new restaurant in May. My employer has pai...
started by: IanfromShropshire · last update: 1469703723 · posted: 1469703723
cyprus microchip database 0 Pets & Animals
Hi, I have recently brought my two cats over, both microchips with different UK based companies, is there a data...
started by: · last update: 1469611002 · posted: 1469611002
Cyprus Vat charges?. 2 General
Hello,Does anyone know if if a used property is sold, what the reduction of vat % on the property's selli...
started by: kimbrda1 · last update: 1469558894 · posted: 1469095047
All help needed!! Family looking to move... 1 Families & Kids
Hi there we are a family of 4.. Myself and my fiancé are 24 and we have 2 young daughters (5 and 1) we are look...
started by: Charis-Chapman-865155 · last update: 1469546890 · posted: 1469187286
Hypotherapy Reccomendation Wanted 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Can anyone recommend a hypnotherapist? Ideally would like to find someone who specialises in phobias. Thanks for...
started by: Raquel-S-863416 · last update: 1469529157 · posted: 1469529157
Mortgaget from CHF to Euro..? 1 Financial & Legal
Usual story, Alpha Bank mortgage increased, property value decreased. Bank is offering to provide 'substantial d...
started by: UK Kiwi · last update: 1469458182 · posted: 1469348743
Capital gains tax 2 Financial & Legal
Is capital gains tax applicable on the resale of a flat that would stand to make me around €20,000?Than...
started by: Bertie Mac · last update: 1469185702 · posted: 1469166296
Fissouri waterpark - special price for r... 4 Sport & Leisure
Hi!I have my sister, brother-in-law and nephew out on holiday for 2 weeks, end of July. &...
started by: Denise-Holman-864669 · last update: 1469103513 · posted: 1468589295
Saturday nights out? 0 Entertainment
I really fancy a good night out, can anyone make suggestions of where to go for a good lively atmosphere? Around Li...
started by: Raquel-S-863416 · last update: 1469010752 · posted: 1469010752
Alcoholics/narcotics anonymous 1 General
Hi,I was wondering if anybody knows of any AA or NA meetings in Nicosia? I'm in desperate need of some su...
started by: antmc_2001 · last update: 1468863276 · posted: 1468852057
Kitchen electrical appliance repair 0 Home & Garden
General enquiry 
started by: gatjcm · last update: 1468527369 · posted: 1468527369
hot tub engineer 1 AngloINFO Support
Hi can anyone help me. I need an engineer to repair my hot tub which has a leak on the motor.I am in Peyi...
started by: lybbie · last update: 1468479422 · posted: 1468432538
Foam & Batting 2 Home & Garden
Hi all,Can you tell me if you know of somewhere that sells batting and foam for upholstering?Near ...
started by: Bertie Mac · last update: 1468396821 · posted: 1468223122