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good lawyer 1 Financial & Legal
Hi I am buying a house in Paphos could anyone recommend a good lawyer   Thanks
started by: zach5 · last update: 1500849446 · posted: 1500832077
Moving to Cyprus with young children 0 Families & Kids
We are moving to Cyprus on the 22/8 and have just enrolled our daughters (aged 10 & 9) at Pascal Larnaca as the
started by: Andrea-Skouros-905300 · last update: 1500598352 · posted: 1500598352
Latin school for kids :) 0 Sport & Leisure
Hello, welcome. Im looking for Latin dance school in Limassol for my 6 y old daughter. Could you please advise?&nbs
started by: Justyna-Wachulec-905214 · last update: 1500535760 · posted: 1500535760
Property Management contracts 0 Home & Garden
hi kostas. how are you? can you offer me some advice? I have a letting firm in Larnaca who have a tennent for my fl
started by: Liam-Farrell-904779 · last update: 1500033912 · posted: 1500033910
Housesitters 0 General
Hello. Several years ago, after answering an advert here on Angloinfo, my husband and I came to Cyprus to look afte
started by: cazbom16 · last update: 1499708895 · posted: 1499708894
Comprehensive health insurance 0 AngloINFO Support
Can somebody please clarify what this means, it seams extremely expensive when you have quotes from large companies
started by: Dawn-Ainsworth-904397 · last update: 1499703217 · posted: 1499703216
Property Loan 0 Home & Garden
Good Day! Is there any chance to find an owenr/ seller which really wants / needs to sell house/flat and
started by: Vera-Vera-904393 · last update: 1499700065 · posted: 1499700063
Big polystyrene box wanted 1 General
Hi, can somebody pls let me know from where I can buy a big box of polystyrene (60x60x60) in Cyprus. I believe shou
started by: Mikis1 · last update: 1499630585 · posted: 1499413336
shipping to the UK 0 General
Is there a company that ships to the UK part loads ie; room on the lorry sold by the sq metreI need to ship some ge
started by: TONY63-902126 · last update: 1499500589 · posted: 1499500588
Shipping to the UK 0 General
started by: TONY63-902126 · last update: 1499500004 · posted: 1499500003
Could any body recommend a private health... 3 General
Immigration sais i have to have private medical cover for my yellow slip,anybody know the cheapest company and if s
started by: Graham-Carter-903380 · last update: 1499488797 · posted: 1499164182
looking for new start in Larnaca 0 General
My job has ended and I am looking for any work with therapies or work with children part time but will consider lon
started by: weanmaz-694901 · last update: 1499366065 · posted: 1499366064
VPN to enable access to betting sites? 1 Entertainment
HiCan anyone recommend a good VPN provider which will not onlylet me have access to BBC Iplayer (for example), but
started by: CarterUSM-661432 · last update: 1499334889 · posted: 1497346086
Spanish lessons wanted 0 General
Hello dear members of community,Two young people would like to find a Spanish teacher in Limassol, would it be a sc
started by: Lina from Limassol · last update: 1499165591 · posted: 1499165590
International removals company (that won't... 2 General
Hello all,I am currently in U.K but looking for a good reliable international removals company that can do a 'door
started by: John Costello · last update: 1498756271 · posted: 1498725452
Peyia 0 Home & Garden
Hi I'm looking to rent 2 bed townhouse in peyia preferably lower peyia I'm staying in cyprus until end July then im
started by: Peter-Keiper-858827 · last update: 1498747671 · posted: 1498747671
Immigration regulations 0 Financial & Legal
Hello all,I am currently residing in U.K but will be moving to Cyprus either in 2018 or 2019.I was born in England
started by: John Costello · last update: 1498678145 · posted: 1498678144
Sailing 1 Sport & Leisure
Hello!Me and my friend are interesting about sailing, but we never did this before. Maybe somebody knows there we c
started by: Ieva----902707 · last update: 1498585735 · posted: 1497884368
Pyla carboot 0 General
Hi, does anyone know if the carboot at Pyla palace is still going on Saturday mornings? Thanks
started by: fduggan · last update: 1498470844 · posted: 1498470843
English Lady (job ended) looking to work... 2 Families & Kids
I am English lady  lived in Limassol for 2 years job ended. I am looking for work now with English family eith
started by: Linney · last update: 1498468322 · posted: 1473013576