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Home Brewing 12 Food & Drink Started by: MIDEC · Updated: 1593793985 · Created: 1311925053
Can anyone tell me if there is anywhere in Limassol (prefered) or Cyprus where i can get beer & wine home brewing e
Any recommendations for Cyprus builder in... 0 Home & Garden Started by: Roger-Sidebotham-949914 · Updated: 1593722430 · Created: 1593722430
We are looking for local builders, tradesmen to do a renovation on our property in Limsssol. Any recommendations. Thanks
Illegal planting on private ground 0 Financial & Legal Started by: Andrew-Charalambous-963574 · Updated: 1593326789 · Created: 1593326789
Is there a law that prevents tenants from planting vegetables on private ground? I have tenants who think they can do wh
Boat Licence 8 Sport & Leisure Started by: josi-662479 · Updated: 1593063251 · Created: 1194442071
Hi. Can anyone out there fill me in on what is required when I take my boat theory and driving test to get my li
chihuahua 0 Pets & Animals Started by: Domnia-Styl-964158 · Updated: 1592828264 · Created: 1592828264
Hi.. i want to buy a female chihuahua. I am from limassol, cyprus. I can give about 300 evro .. Thanks! Whrite under if
Diary cattle 0 Pets & Animals Started by: florimax_cy · Updated: 1592574895 · Created: 1592574895
Anybody know from were i can buy a good diary cattle in cyprus..and how much will cost me aproximatly with delivery in P
Home ownership 0 Financial & Legal Started by: erico96 · Updated: 1592502868 · Created: 1592502868
Can anyone advise how I can get copies of documents which show the ownership of my house. These got lost around 8 years
Shed building 4 Home & Garden Started by: Andrew-Charalambous-963574 · Updated: 1592313966 · Created: 1592224310
Having my house built by private builders and not buying from developers or agents, do I need permission to have a shed
Title Deeds 1 Financial & Legal Started by: bennyg · Updated: 1592305479 · Created: 1581519657
Hi,I have just received an email from my developerafter 13 years offering me my title deeds.Here is a breakdown of their
England not being part of eu 1 Financial & Legal Started by: David-ayeni-956263 · Updated: 1592305229 · Created: 1582399015
Please guysEngland not being part of Eu, will I still get yellow slip when i get married to my England lady here in Cypr
Rental agreement breech 1 Financial & Legal Started by: Tina-Jewell -963539 · Updated: 1592304159 · Created: 1592161665
Hello, I’m not sure if this is the right place to ask but I Really need some help or advice. A letting agent and the h
Shed building 1 General Started by: Andrew-Charalambous-963574 · Updated: 1592210567 · Created: 1592210495
Having my house built by private builders and not buying from developers, do I need permission to have a shed built on p
gambling addiction 6 Health, Fitness & Beauty Started by: MONOYIOU · Updated: 1592089649 · Created: 1258604988
Is there anyone who knows a support, cure for gambleing adiction? I need a place where they help for people to get rid o
Renovation company 2 Home & Garden Started by: Moffatito · Updated: 1591674948 · Created: 1463384179
Looking for recommendations for an interior renovations company to work in an appartment that my wife and I have just bo
Renewed Passport 0 General Started by: pc49-661910 · Updated: 1591508868 · Created: 1591508868
I have recently had to renew my UK Passport (Expired)..... For everything that needed my identity at the time of registe
Xanthan gum 0 Food & Drink Started by: Achilleas-Tsipotis-962955 · Updated: 1591479882 · Created: 1591479882
Hi - does anyone know where I can buyXanthan gum in cyprus? Thank you!
Selling my house, by me or via agent? 1 Financial & Legal Started by: alfa7 · Updated: 1591382422 · Created: 1590220549
So I wish to sell my property, and made a non-exclusive contract with a RE agent or two. Also advertising by myself. I a
Built a buggy for the road how do I register... 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving Started by: Robert-Smith-962772 · Updated: 1591296591 · Created: 1591296591
I have built a simple buggy for the road much like the ones already about but how do I get it on the road?
Online Dating 4 General Started by: TaraLee-915423 · Updated: 1591227604 · Created: 1374160229
Hello everyone, I am a recently divorced 55 year old lady looking to meet new people. Can anyone recommend a decent onli
Musicians wanted 0 Entertainment Started by: Alex-Par-961715 · Updated: 1590060051 · Created: 1590060051
HI,I wold like to join or form a band. I play the guitar and bass and would like to play in a group for fun and potentia