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MVIS3 for non EU domestic partner 1 Financial & Legal
Hello all,If possible, Could anyone shed some light please on the process of applying for MVIS3 - anyone come acros
started by: Lex-uther-908411 · last update: 1506058979 · posted: 1504264785
Unwell relative. 1 Families & Kids
I'm taking a complete stab in the dark but don't know where to ask this question. My nan moved to paphos almos
started by: Laura-Edney-909510 · last update: 1505748624 · posted: 1505406055
Baby clothes 0 Families & Kids
Anybody have baby clothes to give away please let me know 99070395
started by: testament · last update: 1505586732 · posted: 1505586732
School info help needed 5 Families & Kids
Hello everyoneWe are moving to Limassol at the end of the month. It is a last minute change of plan/life and a hard
started by: Noonbk · last update: 1505368480 · posted: 1501713111
Reclamation 0 Home & Garden
Hi... does anyone know of a reclamation yard in cyprus where I can source old windows , railings and doors etc ???
started by: Sarah-Pullan-909411 · last update: 1505320104 · posted: 1505320104
Car Insurance Not Gan Direct ! 7 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Can anyone recomend a decent car insurance ? I had been with Gan Direct and they cancelled my insurance as my wife
started by: antreou · last update: 1505305361 · posted: 1443034173
Looking for employment 0 General
Looking for employment I was a hotel receptionist for 5 years and got made redundant I only speak English and under
started by: Kathleen-Riding-857444 · last update: 1505065729 · posted: 1505065729
moving to cyprus 1 General
Hi .Myself and my retired partner are looking to move to Cyprus next year, I will need to work and we will want to
started by: Helen-Winter-864176 · last update: 1504507531 · posted: 1504456202
Exploring Crews Cyprus 0 General
Hey I'm a 19 year old girl who has a passion for photography and urban exploring , I am looking for a group of peop
started by: Jasmin-Morris-908657 · last update: 1504464693 · posted: 1504464693
Private health care 3 Financial & Legal
Could anyone please tell me what private health care to use for my yellow slip.roughly what sort of prices on a yea
started by: Graham-Carter-903380 · last update: 1504270585 · posted: 1503260884
Minimum income requirement ?? (I am an E.U... 10 General
Hello all,I am currently residing in U.K but I will be moving to Cyprus either in 2018 or 2019.I was born in Englan
started by: John Costello · last update: 1504270318 · posted: 1502121242
House to rent 0 Home & Garden
Dear friends! We are looking for a house to rent for 3 years minimum (up to 1700 USD per month) in t
started by: Ekaterina-G-900176 · last update: 1504247854 · posted: 1504247854
Recommended English-speaking lawyer in Limassol... 0 Financial & Legal
 Having had a number of bad experiences with lawyers in Cyprus, we have finally found a trustworthy, competent
started by: William-Phillips-855225 · last update: 1504099238 · posted: 1504099238
Why is Angloinfo discussion now so quiet... 5 General
9 discussions started in 17 days.   I recall about 3 years ago it was probably 4 or 5 times that.   Why h
started by: John Costello · last update: 1504032224 · posted: 1503045084
New Rules for Clubs in Cyprus 0 Financial & Legal
I am the Secretary of Paphos Third Age, an organisation providing Leisure and Educational Groups in the Paphos
started by: Wally-Oppenheim-908160 · last update: 1503842284 · posted: 1503842284
Banking guarantee return 0 Financial & Legal
started by: Alex-Bishop-858273 · last update: 1503777093 · posted: 1503777093
Accountant Costs 4 General
Hi, Just a general question, as a small business in Cyprus what should early accountancy fees amount to?I have a fe
started by: casual69 · last update: 1503601214 · posted: 1503418251
Where can we buy Vegemite? 4 Food & Drink
Can anyone tell me where we might be able to buy 'Vegemite'from in Paphos? Thanks in advance :)
started by: MelM · last update: 1503567667 · posted: 1335710739
Private German lessons needed 0 Families & Kids
Hey, Does anybody know any native German speaker who would be interested (and qualified) to give German lesson
started by: jonna-a · last update: 1503391096 · posted: 1503391096
Mobile hairdresser 2 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Hello my name is Louise I am a British hairdresser who has recently moved to the larnaca area (pyla). I have worked
started by: Lou514 · last update: 1503153883 · posted: 1316206934