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Job Ofers 1 General Started by: Cruzt-Hoza-895535 · Updated: 1620733628 · Created: 1489569242
am currently seeking domestics servants in my home abroad e.g driver,nanny, security guard etc interested applicants sho
Am an Investor Looking to Invest On Good... 1 General Started by: william-milna-977449 · Updated: 1620648097 · Created: 1606990377
Hello,I am a valuable Individual who is willingly and looking to invest in a lucrative business New or RunningBusiness i
School Bullying and Domestic Violence 3 General Started by: Stavroscs5 · Updated: 1620239868 · Created: 1364218417
Hi there, Have your children ever been exposed to bullying at school? Do you know of people who have been exposed to dom
"65 Countries" list 0 General Started by: Chris-Hughes-992976 · Updated: 1620053393 · Created: 1620053393
Hi All, I keep reading about these 65 countries that Cyprus will open up to, but all the news articles only mention the
Three seater sofa bed 0 Home & Garden Started by: Tom Q · Updated: 1620028162 · Created: 1620028162
Hi all,I was wondering if anyone could recommend any shops in and around Polis and Paphos to buy a decent (mid range pri
Nurseries near Dali or between Larnaca-Nicosia... 1 Families & Kids Started by: George-Panayiotou-982428 · Updated: 1619475914 · Created: 1611579692
Hi everyone,It's that time where we need to send our almost 3 year old girl to nursery, however it is looking harder tha
Marriage breakup 1 General Started by: gjbrph-508709 · Updated: 1619141731 · Created: 1391526577
Has anyone's marriage broken up over here? Do you blame emigrating to Cyprus? If so, and you'd be interested in being fe
Communal Property Management & Communal Service... 0 General Started by: Panayiotis-Peklivana-991941 · Updated: 1618916588 · Created: 1618916588
Whenpersons purchase a property in Cyprus, if their property is in an apartmentblock or on a complex or estate which has
squirrel part 2 0 Pets & Animals Started by: monica-tymviou-991917 · Updated: 1618867517 · Created: 1618867517
hi! Just wanted to say that i am willing to offer a lot of cash for the squirrel. thanks
squirrels 0 Pets & Animals Started by: monica-tymviou-991917 · Updated: 1618867240 · Created: 1618867240
does anyone know where i can find a squirrel in cyprus? i heard there are some in troodos. can someone bring me one?
Driving Licences 0 General Started by: Christopher-Hails-991783 · Updated: 1618679169 · Created: 1618679169
I have a Cypriot Driving licence that expires in July this year. I'm 73. I'm currently out of the country and hope to re
Jewelry box 8 General Started by: michaelw-727368 · Updated: 1618442954 · Created: 1323082289
I would like to get one as a Christmas present - anyone got ideas as to where I can buy one? I am a Cyprus Newbie, so he
Musicians wanted 1 Entertainment Started by: Alex-Par-961715 · Updated: 1618128109 · Created: 1590060051
HI,I wold like to join or form a band. I play the guitar and bass and would like to play in a group for fun and potentia
Online Dating 6 General Started by: TaraLee-915423 · Updated: 1617694241 · Created: 1374160229
Hello everyone, I am a recently divorced 55 year old lady looking to meet new people. Can anyone recommend a decent onli
Soft roof top repair 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving Started by: Peter -Jacobsen-988588 · Updated: 1617380619 · Created: 1617380619
I have a BMW Z4 year 2006. Soft top cant come Down. The roof Engine sounds good/healthy, most likely hydraulic system or
How to Play Professional Football in Cyprus 9 Sport & Leisure Started by: shaz-667464 · Updated: 1616958346 · Created: 1201951655
Hi I am moving to Cyprus this year, my Son who is 17 would like to play professional football for a club in Cyprus. Duri
Driving lessons 2 Cars, Bikes & Driving Started by: Dingbat-695890 · Updated: 1616771149 · Created: 1516088399
I have a friend who is taking driving lessons and she pays for a two hour session but receives only an hour and a half a
travel insurance 8 General Started by: dhou201 · Updated: 1616411158 · Created: 1420291910
can anyone tell me of a good travel insurance Co that will cover a expat 84 year old with no existing medical condition
Crafts groups 0 General Started by: Tereza-Dsvis-987336 · Updated: 1616146482 · Created: 1616146482
Where there are group for coffee and to do things together.
Companships 0 General Started by: Tereza-Dsvis-987336 · Updated: 1616146336 · Created: 1616146336
To be able to talk to people