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Artificial Grass outdoors 0 Home & Garden
I need a quotation/recommendation for supplying and laying artificial grass in area around outdoor garden pool. ...
started by: NewinCyprus · last update: 1490268066 · posted: 1490268066
pot plants 3 Home & Garden
Could anyone advise me on pot plants to go round my pool patio area? They would be pretty much in full sun for m...
started by: Jane-Hughes-895348 · last update: 1490238517 · posted: 1489551572
Looking for an English bulldog 0 Pets & Animals
Hello, does anyone know if there's any English bulldogs up for adoption?  Would really love one.
started by: Amy-Jade-895924 · last update: 1490014711 · posted: 1490014711
Place To Rent for 6 months 1 General
Hi all, im looking for a place to rent, furnished, I will be in cyprus from Mid May 2017 to Mid Nov...
started by: The7thSkyline · last update: 1489893454 · posted: 1489844141
provisional car driving licence 1 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Does anyone know how many times a provisional car driving license can be renewed before the driver has to take a...
started by: sheilamwarwickm · last update: 1489844709 · posted: 1489247768
Private school limassol 0 Families & Kids
started by: xenia j · last update: 1489811925 · posted: 1489811925
Small house for rent 4 General
.Hi i have a small house to let in Pervolia i contacted retal agencies but noine bothered to reply to my emails....
started by: michi-663252 · last update: 1489666224 · posted: 1488291557
6 and 8 year old boys 0 Families & Kids
Can anyone suggest entertainment in the Paphos area for 6 and 8 year old boys whilst it is too chilly in the poo...
started by: Amber-663264 · last update: 1489602987 · posted: 1489602987
Job Ofers 0 General
am currently seeking domestics servants in my home abroad e.g driver,nanny, security guard etc interested applic...
started by: Cruzt-Hoza-895535 · last update: 1489569242 · posted: 1489569242
Should I take my kid to a Greek school i... 2 Families & Kids
My boy is 4 years old and he has been going to an international kindergarten. He speaks mainly English and a bit...
started by: Radu-V-894170 · last update: 1489512854 · posted: 1488120345
Cyprus Broadband 1 General
I am considering moving to Cyprus. I can work from home, but I need a reliable internet connection, and I have r...
started by: Peteris-Snepsts-895226 · last update: 1489512232 · posted: 1489163453
Tailor 1 General
I am looking for someone to make my wedding dress that is reasonably priced 
started by: bella1964 · last update: 1489327472 · posted: 1489327406
Cakes an pies 2 Food & Drink
Thinking off living in cyprus an starting an tea shop for cakes an home made pies
started by: James-Mcfarlane-895163 · last update: 1489252574 · posted: 1489107137
Moving to Cyprus 0 General
We are considering moving from France to the Paphos area. My wife would like to know if there are any women's gr...
started by: edthassos-540335 · last update: 1489162396 · posted: 1489162396
Canadian voltage 0 Non-local
Hi to the a angloinfo people. le.going on hols tocanada. transformers ?? What do we need to it. Thanks.
started by: curion · last update: 1489159412 · posted: 1489159412
lost my dog 0 Pets & Animals
i lost my dog 3/3/2017 at pareklishia area, was mini pincher brown 1 ...
started by: constantinos-antoniou-895084 · last update: 1489042389 · posted: 1489042389
PMoving a Few PAcking Boxes, Best Way & ... 2 Home & Garden
I have some things I want to bring from UK to Nicosia.They will probably fit in 2 packing boxes.
started by: zany-684605 · last update: 1488989500 · posted: 1488463059
swimming pool 0 Home & Garden
Thinking of havinb a small pool installed in my garden in Peyia. Can anyone recommend  a good reliable &nbs...
started by: lybbie · last update: 1488984446 · posted: 1488984446
Hot tub chemicals 0 Home & Garden
Hi does anyone know where I can buy Aqua Finesse for my hot tub.I have used this for the last 4 yrs but a...
started by: lybbie · last update: 1488984265 · posted: 1488984265
would you like to Exchange your Flat /Ho... 0 General
Beautiful top on the Hill with best views of  neighbouring villages,very quiet and private, peaceful  ...
started by: [email protected] · last update: 1488641478 · posted: 1488641478
moving to paphos 7 General
hi all,we are considering moving to paphos from the uk, we have 4 children and plan to enrol them into st...
started by: jon-ward-894172 · last update: 1488607649 · posted: 1488102414
Moving to Coral Bay - advice please 4 General
I am considering to move to Coral Bay for retirement purposes part of the year. Any opinion regarding real estat...
started by: Tony -Bowman-894463 · last update: 1488473379 · posted: 1488374252
Non-EU Spouse Visa 1 Financial & Legal
started by: Alex-Bishop-858273 · last update: 1488351550 · posted: 1485878155
Summer school in Paphos 0 Families & Kids
Hi all. As a working mum in Paphos it's that time of the year to start wondering what I'm...
started by: Maria-Georgiou-894386 · last update: 1488297799 · posted: 1488297799
Dual nationality 1 General
Hi, I am thinking apply for dual nationality here in Cyprus as i have been here nearly 10 years and am paying in...
started by: crampp · last update: 1488295286 · posted: 1486651458
Holiday Rental Facebook Group 0 General
started by: nealh · last update: 1488292415 · posted: 1488292415
Badminton in Limassol 0 Sport & Leisure
Good News for Badminton Lovers 
started by: Rishi-Das-894010 · last update: 1487867665 · posted: 1487867665
Selling House 0 General
Can anyone recommend a good, reliable, effective estate agent to sell our  villa in Tala once we have our t...
started by: annatdibley1 · last update: 1487168989 · posted: 1487168989
indian chef looking job abroad 0 General
hi im indian chef from india as imind...
started by: pratap-negi-893283 · last update: 1487057489 · posted: 1487057489
Social clubs, etc 4 General
started by: IanfromShropshire · last update: 1486835797 · posted: 1485762348
Valentines Disco at The Grape & Grain Pi... 0 Entertainment
The Grape and ...
started by: andy-sharma-867403 · last update: 1486574185 · posted: 1486574185
Wood Burner information please 6 General
I am new to woodburners but was told they are very economical, so need to help from seasoned users please.
started by: ilovepernod-981516 · last update: 1486555410 · posted: 1486229047
Vehicle Engine Repair / Replacement / Re... 3 Cars, Bikes & Driving
The engine on my Mitsubishi L200 has died. It still runs though with a loud knocking noise and oil squirts out o...
started by: justy8290 · last update: 1486530772 · posted: 1484117582
COUNTRY SINGER WANTED/ Female 0 Entertainment
Would you like to be a country singer ? Do you like to sing country songs on karaoke ? If so and want to join me...
started by: maddy tyler · last update: 1486482995 · posted: 1486482995
Babysitter 0 Families & Kids
Hi everyone,My wife is an Italian University student, looking for a babysitting job,
started by: LeviB · last update: 1486412677 · posted: 1486412677
waiting for Aliens Registration intervie... 0 Financial & Legal
Hi all :-)just a quick question for anyone that may know the answer to this...
started by: GeeGee-928689 · last update: 1486409380 · posted: 1486409380
Oncologist Paphos General Hospital 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Hi has anyone been to the oncologist this morning please and if so was it still the new lady on the 3rd floor or...
started by: dancingstar · last update: 1486119072 · posted: 1486119072
Film On 2 General
Having enjoyed Film On loaded on my Smart TV I now have problems loading the page. Error messages show sorry bro...
started by: Jeanette-Woodhead-891872 · last update: 1485867540 · posted: 1485424432
Tracing a Turkish owner of property in L... 0 General
Good morning......, I live in Larnaca and am interested in renting an empty property belonging to a Turkish...
started by: pc49-661910 · last update: 1485769172 · posted: 1485769172
Styrofoam Boxes 2 Pets & Animals
A couple of years ago, Jimmy the bargain hunter managed to source some styrofoam boxes as houses for stray cats....
started by: catz · last update: 1485698558 · posted: 1485254320
Singer, looking for non-professional mus... 0 Entertainment
Hi!I am half-russian, half-ethiopian singer (non-professional, but took private lessons two years and had...
started by: Yu-Leçka-892018 · last update: 1485605241 · posted: 1485605241
XBMC - Quest channel 0 Entertainment
I have lost "Quest" on UK live TV. Anyone experienced the same problem? Can it be fixed?Thank yo
started by: Dutoit · last update: 1485526091 · posted: 1485526091
Tortoises 5 Pets & Animals
I have nine tortoises that I may have to rehome. Does anyone know of a caring tortoise rescue group that may be ...
started by: V. Christine-Nicola-890828 · last update: 1485440408 · posted: 1484145267
transporting sewing machine by air 0 General
started by: BevvyH · last update: 1485434851 · posted: 1485434851
Wallpaper 0 General
Hi everyoneLooking to buy wallpaper in paphos area but not too pricey.Any help is appreciated
started by: ilovepernod-981516 · last update: 1484902495 · posted: 1484902495
Selling my car as moving back to UK 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving
I have a jaguar s type very good runner MOT till 2018 March good condition need to sell soon as we are going bac...
started by: chazzawag · last update: 1484829312 · posted: 1484829312
Looking for a retired couple 1 General
Hi, I am looking for an active retired couple (or single man) who can help us with the maintenance of our home i...
started by: samantha-Ioannou-891009 · last update: 1484555967 · posted: 1484386367
Dog walker / sitter 0 General
We have recently moved to Potamiou North of Limassol in the foothills of the Troodos mountains. If you need a do...
started by: Deniae-Howarth-891073 · last update: 1484514715 · posted: 1484514715
Couple looking for property maintenance 0 General
We are a couple looking for jobs to fill our days. We are active and able as in early 50's. We have recently mov...
started by: Deniae-Howarth-891073 · last update: 1484511697 · posted: 1484511697
Wedding Bridal Hairand Makeup Artist Pro... 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
HiCan anyone recommend a good hair and makup artist for a Bridal wedding in Protaras (Hotel We...
started by: siah_black · last update: 1484049694 · posted: 1484049694