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Pigeon net 0 Home & Garden
I  am searching for a place to buy pigeon netting in Paphos area. I used to buy from the London supermarket...
started by: Mandria-1 · last update: 1495775824 · posted: 1495775824
I was wondering if anybody could recommend an estate agent to sell a rural property. Seems that there are plenty...
started by: nealh · last update: 1495740214 · posted: 1495740214
Birth control HELP! 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Hello! Im wondering if anyone knows how 
started by: Sandra -Ebbit -900731 · last update: 1495688666 · posted: 1495688666
Is there anyone in the limassol area tha... 1 General
I have a mattress that is old but still usable that I want to dispose of, i have been told if you put it outside...
started by: kat54-668988 · last update: 1495397822 · posted: 1495269200
Ariadnes Taverna 5 Food & Drink
Can anyone comment on the service/quality at this Taverna recently? I understand that Ariadne was due to retire ...
started by: Tsiakkas · last update: 1495214000 · posted: 1493877962
Film on Not Free Anymore 12 Entertainment
Is filmon not free any more or is it only affecting me?I only get 2 minutes free and then they want me to have a...
started by: tonyaaa · last update: 1495118108 · posted: 1493721459
Nanny is needed 0 Families & Kids
Nanny for two girls (2 and 4 years old) in Limassol. Preferably living with the family in the house. Standa...
started by: Ekaterina-G-900176 · last update: 1495012027 · posted: 1495012027
Wallpaper help needed 0 General
Hi everyoneI really need your help.  We have had a feature wall done with expensive wallpaper and 3 ...
started by: ilovepernod-981516 · last update: 1495000121 · posted: 1495000121
Car Pooling or Car Share Limassol? 0 General
Does anyone use offer or  know of such a facility in Cyprus at all?
started by: Aphrodite2011 · last update: 1494870830 · posted: 1494870830
UK freeview streaming clampdown 3 General
I've been reading about the forthcoming ban on Kodi in the uk. They're not banning the actual Kodi but the illeg...
started by: fduggan · last update: 1494852788 · posted: 1493825738
Looking for Gym Limassol 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
I am looking for recommendations for a gym in Limassol.  Ideally women only but not essential.I am l...
started by: Feesym · last update: 1494833985 · posted: 1494833985
Online stockbrokers in Cyprus? 1 Financial & Legal
HiI am a UK resident currently living and working in Cypru...
started by: CarterUSM-661432 · last update: 1494504583 · posted: 1494497991
Home Helper 0 General
Home helper needed 3-5 days a week,9 am-12 pm, cleaning, cooking, ironing, driving.Based in Sia village, Nicosia...
started by: Peter-Joannou-899686 · last update: 1494438691 · posted: 1494438691
Band members wanted! 5 Entertainment
Am looking for any bass and keyboard players who may be interested in forming a new band - I'm in the Paphos are...
started by: Tiredout · last update: 1494135918 · posted: 1492780457
telephone number PEYIA post office? 5 General
Hallodoes anyone know please the telephone number for PEYIA post office?Someone asked about their ...
started by: RN131 · last update: 1493797568 · posted: 1491287085
Number of vehicles allowed in one name 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving
How many vehicles is one allowed to own, in Cyprus please
started by: delgirl-672977 · last update: 1493741757 · posted: 1493741757
stereo amplifier repair 1 General
Can anyone recommend someone who can repair a stereo amplifier (pioneer SA-708) with a faulty left channel conne...
started by: Ian and Heather-Harper-897725 · last update: 1493623262 · posted: 1492091808
Herculite plaster 0 General
Looking for specialist modelling plaster suitable for making decorative coving.does anyone know where I c...
started by: Trish-Wilson-898149 · last update: 1493575236 · posted: 1493575236
animal charities peyia 0 Pets & Animals
I am shocked as have contacted PARC , STRAYHAVEN AND PAFOS PRIVATE DOG SANCTUARY regarding a dog in my area with...
started by: helen-hossack-898745 · last update: 1493311070 · posted: 1493311070
Diatomaceous Earth 0 Pets & Animals
Does anyone know where I can buy Diatomaceous Earth in Cyprus?
started by: malcolm-mendelsohn-873869 · last update: 1493173248 · posted: 1493173248
Pool Cleaner 0 Home & Garden
Does anyone know of a pool cleaner for Giolou Paphos
started by: parasar · last update: 1493139176 · posted: 1493139176
car insurance over 70 3 Cars, Bikes & Driving
can anybody advise me pleasei had hoped to come to Cyprus lat...
started by: dilewis · last update: 1492864201 · posted: 1492166733
Millipedes in Paphos 0 General
Has anyone seen those awful millipedes this year in Paphos so far? I am just worried because we have an infant. ...
started by: Demetris · last update: 1492788613 · posted: 1492788613
Can anyone tell me where I can odispose of a BROKEN chest of drawers please.
started by: ilovepernod-981516 · last update: 1492759779 · posted: 1492508288
UK Solicitor fee's issue. 1 Financial & Legal
Recently had issues with housing tenant. Sort advice from UK solicitor who has charged £800 (deducted from upfr...
started by: Trish-Wilson-898149 · last update: 1492669712 · posted: 1492620236
Looking for excellent seamstress 0 General
Looking for a seamstress to create a sample line of beach clothing. Any recommendations?
started by: bubbles7 · last update: 1491916567 · posted: 1491916567
Registering a car 4 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Hi, can anyone please share what exactly is required to register a car in Cyprus. What documents they require i....
started by: Peteris-Snepsts-895226 · last update: 1491732824 · posted: 1490961794
someone trapping already spayed cats in ... 0 Pets & Animals
I wondered if anyone knows who is trapping cats in Konia at the moment? I have adopted an already spayed cat, wi...
started by: [email protected] · last update: 1491467466 · posted: 1491467466
Cyprus Broadband 4 General
I am considering moving to Cyprus. I can work from home, but I need a reliable internet connection, and I have r...
started by: Peteris-Snepsts-895226 · last update: 1491382681 · posted: 1489163453
Car Soft Top Repair 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Hi all, Does anyone know where I can get my convertable roof repaired. it has a 3" tear and I would like ...
started by: okolatsis · last update: 1491304472 · posted: 1491304472
Living in Latsia/Atheniou 0 Home & Garden
HalloCan anyone tell me please about living in either LATSIA (Nicosia) and/or Atheniou?Is it feasi...
started by: RN131 · last update: 1491287264 · posted: 1491287264
Moving to Cyprus 2 AngloINFO Support
Bus driver in England for fifteen years hoping to move to Cyprus in August coming over in April to find a proper...
started by: craig-disdell-896047 · last update: 1491235313 · posted: 1490644134
Private school limassol 1 Families & Kids
started by: xenia j · last update: 1491072484 · posted: 1489811925
NEW DOG LICENSE LAW 0 Pets & Animals
Where can I get a copy of the NEW dog license law.What do I get for my money.Will I get a document...
started by: roslyn-667685 · last update: 1490896461 · posted: 1490896461
Car Insurance 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Hi. Does anyone know of any Insurance Companies that can offer short term car insurance? I only requuire it for ...
started by: John52-667046 · last update: 1490869683 · posted: 1490869683
Artificial Grass outdoors 0 Home & Garden
I need a quotation/recommendation for supplying and laying artificial grass in area around outdoor garden pool. ...
started by: NewinCyprus · last update: 1490268066 · posted: 1490268066
pot plants 3 Home & Garden
Could anyone advise me on pot plants to go round my pool patio area? They would be pretty much in full sun for m...
started by: Jane-Hughes-895348 · last update: 1490238517 · posted: 1489551572
Looking for an English bulldog 0 Pets & Animals
Hello, does anyone know if there's any English bulldogs up for adoption?  Would really love one.
started by: Amy-Jade-895924 · last update: 1490014711 · posted: 1490014711
Place To Rent for 6 months 1 General
Hi all, im looking for a place to rent, furnished, I will be in cyprus from Mid May 2017 to Mid Nov...
started by: The7thSkyline · last update: 1489893454 · posted: 1489844141
provisional car driving licence 1 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Does anyone know how many times a provisional car driving license can be renewed before the driver has to take a...
started by: sheilamwarwickm · last update: 1489844709 · posted: 1489247768
6 and 8 year old boys 0 Families & Kids
Can anyone suggest entertainment in the Paphos area for 6 and 8 year old boys whilst it is too chilly in the poo...
started by: Amber-663264 · last update: 1489602987 · posted: 1489602987
Job Ofers 0 General
am currently seeking domestics servants in my home abroad e.g driver,nanny, security guard etc interested applic...
started by: Cruzt-Hoza-895535 · last update: 1489569242 · posted: 1489569242
Tailor 1 General
I am looking for someone to make my wedding dress that is reasonably priced 
started by: bella1964 · last update: 1489327472 · posted: 1489327406
Cakes an pies 2 Food & Drink
Thinking off living in cyprus an starting an tea shop for cakes an home made pies
started by: James-Mcfarlane-895163 · last update: 1489252574 · posted: 1489107137
Moving to Cyprus 0 General
We are considering moving from France to the Paphos area. My wife would like to know if there are any women's gr...
started by: edthassos-540335 · last update: 1489162396 · posted: 1489162396
Canadian voltage 0 Non-local
Hi to the a angloinfo people. le.going on hols tocanada. transformers ?? What do we need to it. Thanks.
started by: curion · last update: 1489159412 · posted: 1489159412
lost my dog 0 Pets & Animals
i lost my dog 3/3/2017 at pareklishia area, was mini pincher brown 1 ...
started by: constantinos-antoniou-895084 · last update: 1489042389 · posted: 1489042389
swimming pool 0 Home & Garden
Thinking of havinb a small pool installed in my garden in Peyia. Can anyone recommend  a good reliable &nbs...
started by: lybbie · last update: 1488984446 · posted: 1488984446
Hot tub chemicals 0 Home & Garden
Hi does anyone know where I can buy Aqua Finesse for my hot tub.I have used this for the last 4 yrs but a...
started by: lybbie · last update: 1488984265 · posted: 1488984265
would you like to Exchange your Flat /Ho... 0 General
Beautiful top on the Hill with best views of  neighbouring villages,very quiet and private, peaceful  ...
started by: [email protected] · last update: 1488641478 · posted: 1488641478