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iPhone 7?? 1 General
Is the new iPhone 7 available in Cyprus yet? Out of interest do you know if it's available in the southern side ...
started by: D Bunk · last update: 1475066353 · posted: 1474637337
Japanese food 1 Food & Drink
My son has recommended that I start eating Japanese food. I have high cholesterol and high blood pressure and th...
started by: Bertie Mac · last update: 1475051747 · posted: 1472204838
Miss-sold PPI 0 Financial & Legal
Has anyone successfully reclaimed miss sold PPI from a Cypriot bank?
started by: worrall · last update: 1475034631 · posted: 1475034631
Some work required to fix bathroom sink ... 6 Home & Garden
Hi,I have an apartment in the Prodromi area (next to Polis) and I'd be grateful if you could let me know ...
started by: Tom Q · last update: 1474976067 · posted: 1472462566
Acrylic paint 3 Home & Garden
Hi all, Do you know where I can buy big amount of acrylic paint on Cyprus? I need a big barrels 100- 200 litres ...
started by: greggakegga · last update: 1474888037 · posted: 1473685737
Demineralised water 0 General
Where can I buy big bottles of demineralised water (for car and iron)?
started by: D Bunk · last update: 1474878914 · posted: 1474878914
English breakfast? 4 General
Any recommendations for somewhere in Paphos to get a good English breakfast would be much appreciated. Thank you...
started by: Mitzy-680257 · last update: 1474878521 · posted: 1474734669
UK shops 4 General
Now that GB's, Euro shop and U Kay's have all closed, are there any other shops in Paphos that sell lots of UK f...
started by: Mitzy-680257 · last update: 1474878440 · posted: 1474734926
Charity 2 General
Doesanybody know of a charita...
started by: Merry traveller · last update: 1474833263 · posted: 1474451976
Washing machine disposal 0 General
How can I get someone to collect and dispose of my washing machine
started by: ilovepernod-981516 · last update: 1474756592 · posted: 1473958890
For immediate employment 0 Food & Drink
started by: head_manager · last update: 1474624565 · posted: 1474624565
do i need visa to enter UK? 1 Financial & Legal
hi, i am Pakistani passport holder and i am living in Cyprus. my wife is EU citizen(Schengen). i have yellow sli...
started by: M-Shaz-869107 · last update: 1474546193 · posted: 1473347158
Van/Pick up Truck Hire 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Hi,I need to hire a van or a pick-up truck for a few hours on 23/09/2016 in Paralimni. I am willing to pa...
started by: Andreas-Pilavakis-870035 · last update: 1474520546 · posted: 1474520546
Balsa or Pine wood supplier - needed 3 Home & Garden
Hello everybody,
started by: jujustorm · last update: 1474459369 · posted: 1473335046
Nicest spa? 1 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Looking for your recommendations please for the nicest spa that I can take a friend to for a day of pampering?
started by: Barbara-Paul-862057 · last update: 1474442473 · posted: 1474365006
Exterior doors 0 Home & Garden
Can anyone tell me where i can get old/second hand glazed exterior doors in Limassol, or if there is a reclamati...
started by: Dingbat-695890 · last update: 1474371902 · posted: 1474371902
Knitting Machines 0 Home & Garden
Is there anyone out there interested in knitting machines with equipment including ribbers.Sue...
started by: suzk10 · last update: 1474276577 · posted: 1474276577
Hedge trimmer needed 0 Home & Garden
Hi, looking for a second hand hedge trimmer in good condition.Sensible price please
started by: cooky224 · last update: 1474270786 · posted: 1474270786
Treadmill Repair Needed 0 General
Am looking for someone to repair an electronic treadmill (belt keeps slipping)Limassol area
started by: Feesym · last update: 1474206436 · posted: 1474206436
Padi dive school Peyia 0 Sport & Leisure
Does anyone know an English speaking dive school in and around the Peyia area?
started by: D-Bunk-869771 · last update: 1474022016 · posted: 1474022016
Washing machine repair 0 General
Can anyone recommend a washing machine repairer please. My door catch has brokenThanks
started by: ilovepernod-981516 · last update: 1473948731 · posted: 1473948731
Angloinfo Update Listings Directory 1 AngloINFO Support
Hello there, I added my website into the directory of AngloInfo  four days ago but i...
started by: Giorgos-Neokleous-869214 · last update: 1473768097 · posted: 1473767354
Lebanese 7 Food & Drink
Hi,I am wondering if anyone knows of a Lebanese restaurant anywhere on the south coast? Obviously if you'...
started by: Daniel H · last update: 1473669778 · posted: 1473109628
getting in touch with anglofuromcy site 3 General
Hi can anyone tell me how to contact this site as I can not see any links ?? I my missing some thing? ? 
started by: pussycatbunny · last update: 1473662925 · posted: 1473583402
Camping 0 Sport & Leisure
Hey all,Can anyone tell me if it's legal to just pitch a tent and camp where you like on public ground, o...
started by: Bertie Mac · last update: 1473423617 · posted: 1473423617
Smartphone repairs in Episkopi/Limassol ... 0 General
HiDoes anyone know of any shop in the Episkopi/Limassol areawhi...
started by: CarterUSM-661432 · last update: 1473350133 · posted: 1473350133
LPG Tank relocation - Gas service instal... 0 Home & Garden
Hi All,I resently purchased a house in Souni that has a LPG central heating system. I would like to g...
started by: okolatsis · last update: 1473320241 · posted: 1473320241
Internet service provider - 0 Entertainment
Hi,Has anybody signed up to this new internet service provider please? (Been going since last ...
started by: Cyprus Vizsla Rescue · last update: 1473256815 · posted: 1473256815
English Lady (job ended) looking to work... 1 Families & Kids
I am English lady  lived in Limassol for 2 years job ended. I am looking for work now with English family e...
started by: Linney · last update: 1473251330 · posted: 1473013576
Craft Supplies 4 Home & Garden
Where is the best place to go to buy craft supplies?
started by: Barbara-Paul-862057 · last update: 1473243169 · posted: 1472549595
Recommend a back specialist? 1 Health, Fitness & Beauty
I am having terrible back pains which seem to spread down my right arm on occasion. My wife says my back is terr...
started by: Bertie Mac · last update: 1473105659 · posted: 1473059569
Good Cyprus based property lawyer 2 Financial & Legal
Can anyone recommend a good Cyprus based property lawyer who doesn't charge more than about 1% of the property v...
started by: John Costello · last update: 1472844446 · posted: 1472823724
Good supplier of quality stylish furnitu... 0 Home & Garden
Hello,Can anyone recommend a good supplier of quality stylish furniture in the Paphos area at reasonable ...
started by: John Costello · last update: 1472824068 · posted: 1472824068
Chlorine to salt water pools 0 Home & Garden
Anybody switched from a chlorine to a salt water pool?
started by: Bertie Mac · last update: 1472810707 · posted: 1472810707
legal advice 0 Financial & Legal
started by: Asian --1-868504 · last update: 1472749000 · posted: 1472749000
Oriental carpet 0 Home & Garden
Can anyone recommend the best carpet cleaner in Nicosia for above valuable carpet. thank you
started by: Birchington · last update: 1472639114 · posted: 1472639114
Shipping 0 Home & Garden
If anyone is shipping a container back to the UK & have space to rent please send me a message.  Thanks...
started by: TRobinson · last update: 1472553523 · posted: 1472553523
residence permit registration agent/agen... 4 Financial & Legal
Hi there,just wondering if anyone has any experience or can recommend an agency/agent for Residence Permi...
started by: GeeGee-928689 · last update: 1472479739 · posted: 1472232788
uPVC Window/Door Maintenance? 0 Home & Garden
Can anyone recommend someone who can replace window seals / adjust  uPVC windows/doors. I've tried the Wind...
started by: awaygood · last update: 1472474936 · posted: 1472474936
jobs 1 AngloINFO Support
I pressed jobs to put a wanted ad on for a helper but cannot get into it ?
started by: Monkeycat · last update: 1472467453 · posted: 1471600698
Plumbing advice 0 Home & Garden
Hi,Does anybody know if the screw on the side is to regulate the pressure ?
started by: andy-sharma-867403 · last update: 1472289681 · posted: 1472289681
social security advisor/advice 0 Financial & Legal
Hi there,I understand that Capital Gains is exempt from income tax for securities such as shares etc,...
started by: GeeGee-928689 · last update: 1472230929 · posted: 1472230929
Help required 3 General
Casual worker required for two hours  some mornings.  No driving just helping to deliver beds and...
started by: Monkeycat · last update: 1471932828 · posted: 1471601345
Location info on adverts 4 AngloINFO Support
I have placed a couple of free ads just now, but even though I added Paphos as my home town, when I click on 'Lo...
started by: DianeH-10047255 · last update: 1471767192 · posted: 1471686162
Anybody near Asgata ? 0 General
Hey Anglo Infoers,Finding village life a bit too quiet i have been here since April with my wi...
started by: andy-sharma-867403 · last update: 1471745956 · posted: 1471745956
Limassol - trustworthy Subaru car rapair... 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Hi!I have broken a left mirror in my Subaru. I need some that I can trust to fix it. Can you recommend an...
started by: Piotr-G-867343 · last update: 1471676081 · posted: 1471676081
Episkopi Summer Fete 1 General
Can anyone please tell me when the Episkopi Summer Fete is this year?
started by: Dingbat-695890 · last update: 1471455857 · posted: 1471433555
Cypriot Cookery Lessons? 0 Food & Drink
I would really like to learn how to properly make some local traditional cuisine, does anyone know of anyone who...
started by: Barbara-Paul-862057 · last update: 1471413966 · posted: 1471413966
Flyscreen replacement 0 General
Hi can anyone recommend someone who can replace a flyscreen in the Limassol area. Thanks
started by: limassol girl · last update: 1471347016 · posted: 1471347016
Fishing - boat / kayak / shore (spinning... 0 Sport & Leisure
Hi allI have all my fishing gear with me, staying until end of Aug, if there is anyone with the same pass...
started by: leon2010 · last update: 1471271368 · posted: 1471271368