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We are  operating a small business in Paphos. We are specific tools manufacturers exporting worldwide (especially to US and CA).For further details please send email : telmar125@yahoo.com   JohnGreat business growth prospects.

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Hi we are curently struggling to find a motgage with banks here for a house we have seen.. i have heard brokers take a bigger percent but have a better chance of finding a solution... can anyone help

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Hi everyone,Me and my wife will be moving to Cyprus at the end of October. We are moving with the intention of working out there (got a few years to go yet till retirement). We are basically asking for any information and pointers as we are looking to rent in and around Chloraka so wondering if anyone knows of any good estate agents or people to speak with. Also looking for a cheap car to buy and jobs. if anyone knows of any good sites to check for jobs or if there is any work that would be great.We would like to say Hi to people and get to know the local community and make some friends so please message us even if its to say hi.ThanksJames and Nicola

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Can somebody please clarify what this means, it seams extremely expensive when you have quotes from large companies.  Is there private health insurance in Cyprus that meets this need?Can you please advise of approximate cost. I am 55 and my husband will be 60, we are both early retirees from the NHS.Any help greatly appreciated

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Hi how do I edit my free business listing in the directory ?

started by: craig-disdell-896047 · last update: 1491235313 · posted: 1490644134

Bus driver in England for fifteen years hoping to move to Cyprus in August coming over in April to find a property would I be able to find work any help would be much appreciated 

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any caravans for sale

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Hi all.Can anyone recommend private photography lessons for a beginner?

started by: Diana-Castillo · last update: 1481536837 · posted: 1481200287

Hello, My company recently moved to Cyprus and we are looking for Native English Speakers. Does anyone knows a job-board where I target Native English Speakers in Cyprus. Thank you 

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Hi, all,just a little advice to help you get better responses for your adds , try to remember to mention which part of the island you are in, if you want baby sitters,a service i.e. electrician,plumber etc or many other things like accamodation rental or the hire of a limo for wedding the area is the most important if you want responses,Jimmy

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Hi Guys, I have the proverbial 'mission impossible'!! I am currently relocating to Cyprus and setting up my business here. I am desperately seeking a detached house/villa/cottage/farmhouse well away from the 'madding crowd' to house myself, my  buddy and  my 9 rescue dogs. All of whom have been with me for some years and all who are currently being looked after by my equally dog-loving  buddy. No I'm not crazy but I refuse to abandon my 'family' of beautiful dogs.Where I lived prior to my move,  I had a portable structure build with a(lockable) swing gate which prevented my dogs from accessing furnished areas, living room, kitchen, bedrooms etc. and will do the same wherever I locate to in Cyprus. My business is mostly internet based, so I work mostly from home. Meaning my dogs will be supervised 24/7.  If, on the odd occasion I'm not there, my good buddy will be.The property I am looking for will also need to have a reasonable area (1500/2000 m2) of secured land 750 euros pcm. .  My budget is up to 750e pcm.If there's anyone out there who can help, I'd be more than delighted to offer a reasonable 'finders fee' or even offer a half priced hair transplant!!! lol.Mal. P.S No Snide comments please.

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After a couple of weeks of searching various websites I am still not successful in finding suitable accommodation and at a reasonable rent. I will be moving with my dog so need to find pet friendly accommodation in areas surrounding San Gwann. Ive never been to Malta so if any body can help me much appreciated. 

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Have AngloINFO  stopped accepting free ads ? I think In theory they do but in practise they first accept them then they remove them .Why?

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Items posted have been sold. How do I delete

started by: Giorgos-Neokleous-869214 · last update: 1473768097 · posted: 1473767354

Hello there, I added my website into the directory of AngloInfo  four days ago but it is not available through manual search on angloinfo or through my category. My listing is called "ReservationsCy.com" but I am able to see it only my clicking on "View Listing" button. Is there a problem with my listing? Or is it that AngloInfo updates the directories once a week or a month?thank you in advanceGiorgos

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