Dog-Nut Seeks Help & Support - Please!!!

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Hi Guys, I have the proverbial 'mission impossible'!! I am currently relocating to Cyprus and setting up my business here. I am desperately seeking a detached house/villa/cottage/farmhouse well away from the 'madding crowd' to house myself, my  buddy and  my 9 rescue dogs. All of whom have been with me for some years and all who are currently being looked after by my equally dog-loving  buddy. No I'm not crazy but I refuse to abandon my 'family' of beautiful dogs.Where I lived prior to my move,  I had a portable structure build with a(lockable) swing gate which prevented my dogs from accessing furnished areas, living room, kitchen, bedrooms etc. and will do the same wherever I locate to in Cyprus. My business is mostly internet based, so I work mostly from home. Meaning my dogs will be supervised 24/7.  If, on the odd occasion I'm not there, my good buddy will be.The property I am looking for will also need to have a reasonable area (1500/2000 m2) of secured land 750 euros pcm. .  My budget is up to 750e pcm.If there's anyone out there who can help, I'd be more than delighted to offer a reasonable 'finders fee' or even offer a half priced hair transplant!!! lol.Mal. P.S No Snide comments please.

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