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Hi how do I edit my free business listing in the directory ?


Jenny 1497854594

Hi Michael

Please drop us an email at cyprus@angloinfo.com with the changes and we'll do it for you.

Michael-Stavrinides-863259 1497856241

Hi Jenny, it also includes the correction to the map

Jenny 1497859807

That's fine - you can either send us a Google Maps Screenshot of the correct location or you can do a new submission and include in the notes that it's an update.

Michael-Stavrinides-863259 1497864520

Hi Jenny the exact location of the Natural Healing & Wellness
center in Paphos is below, this is the link to find us on Google maps, just click here

The link is below


Jenny 1497866385

Thanks, we've updated this

Michael-Stavrinides-863259 1497868408

Hi this is still incorrect we are in between Black Velvet and Simila holiday villas.

Where you have placed the marker is a business the does similar things to us.

Please make the corrections

Thank you 


Jenny 1497869303

It's very difficult to make this correct as you are sending a Google Earth link not Google maps. If you need it to be 100% accurate please do the online submission again as suggested and we can then make sure it's completely accurate. Thanks

Michael-Stavrinides-863259 1497870298

So I do it like adding another business from my account ?

Michael-Stavrinides-863259 1497872031

I have re-submitted it

Thank you for your help


Jenny 1497877878

Thanks that's been done

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