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Have AngloINFO  stopped accepting free ads ? I think In theory they do but in practise they first accept them then they remove them .Why?


Jenny 1476253068

No absolutely not, the main part of our classifieds are free, as is our directory. However, as per our email to you yesterday, free adverts are non commercial as per our terms and conditions. Any that are viewed to be in breach of these terms and conditions are removed.

Feel free to reply to our email from yesterday if you have any further questions.

Graham S 1476272870

H' the past Angloinfo has had an odd attitude to what is "commercial"; for instance, I have had a posting removed for offering to help someone build a doll's house,and another for mentioning a free,non-profit-making music session for fun in a taverna with which I have absolutely no connection except as a customer. Maybe things are better under the current arrangements; I had no warning of my postings' removals, nor any opportunity to appeal.........


Jenny 1476278866

Hi Graham, where a posting is ambiguous and it's viewed as probably commercial because of the way its worded then it would be removed. Part of the reason for this is that historically postings like this that are not removed generate lots of 'that's commercial' complaint emails. 

Posters can always re-post with a clearer message if it's been misunderstood. We just ask people to be clear when making postings if something is free of charge / charity / a recommendation for a business that is not related to them. This is similar to most online discussion boards.

Just to be clear, there has been no change of policy with regard to free classified ads - these are still in place and actively encouraged. It's just the commercial ones that have to go in the paid section. It's only fair to those advertisers who choose to pay.

If anyone has questions about why a posting may have been removed they are welcome to email us at and we'll gladly explain. We will also happily reinstate postings when we have removed them wrongly.

tonyaaa 1476383097

Other similar ads to my banned ad  appear in the free ads section.

Jenny 1476431880

I've just emailed you privately Tony.


tonyaaa 1476440117

Thank you for your understanding Best regards


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