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Hi everyone,Me and my wife will be moving to Cyprus at the end of October. We are moving with the intention of working out there (got a few years to go yet till retirement). We are basically asking for any information and pointers as we are looking to rent in and around Chloraka so wondering if anyone knows of any good estate agents or people to speak with. Also looking for a cheap car to buy and jobs. if anyone knows of any good sites to check for jobs or if there is any work that would be great.We would like to say Hi to people and get to know the local community and make some friends so please message us even if its to say hi.ThanksJames and Nicola

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Hello James,

Cyprus is a wonderful place to live but it does involve research and planning before the big move. If you are moving to the island at the end of October then you're cutting things fine to get your plans and, more importantly, paperwork finalised. 

Some thoughts:

Renting is a good start. It'll give you both a good idea of the area and if it's not for you you can move and try another village or town. Plus if it all goes wrong, and it has and still does for many, you won't be stuck with a property to sell.

You don't mention what type of jobs you're looking for. Remember many here are seasonal. Unless you can tap into the expat market you may find full time work difficult. Be prepared for a pay cut too. If you can speak & write Greek then that's a bonus. 

You really need to be financially secure for at least your first two years here even without getting paid employment. If you've savings that will give you a safety net in the short term but that soon could be gobbled up if you're not fully prepared. Budget for everything, recalculate your budget, then add 20%.

Not forgetting: Bank account, Medical insurance, car insurance etc.

Please don't think I'm being negative, far from it, but we've been here since 1999 and seen so many people fall at the first hurdle and lose so much. Please plan, research, plan and research some more. Then if you're 100% sure go for it. Please keep asking questions on this forum and check out others too.


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Hi Johnners,

thank you for the advice.

we visited earlier this year on a scouting trip to get a lay of the land. 

In terms of jobs we are happy to do anything. We have both worked in the public and private sector in the UK doing various jobs but are maybe looking to work in Limassol as we understand most of the better paid jobs are there and live in paphos but we aint picky.

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Lots of things to think about before that big jump and I agree with the other replies.  A few other thoughts---- Cars are not cheap in Cyprus as an example a 2007/ 8 Focus perhaps 900 pounds in the UK. In Cyprus same car 3500 Euros. Many expats ship their cars over.  Limassol, higher wages yes but as said by others if not Greek speaking you are unlikely to find a well paid job.   The hotels and tourist industry employ lots of people but by October the holiday season is coming to a close and workers laid get off. The wages for this type of work even in season is very low. 5 euros and less is not unusual.  I would suggest that before moving over, come and spend a couple of weeks here, not as a holiday break but checking out jobs, see if you can get a firm offer of work.  

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Hi again James.

I agree with Tony,

Come over and spend time looking around the island. Perhaps stay for a few days in Limassol, then over to Paphos and even check out Nicosia. We made several 10 to 14 day trips, at different times of the year, to investigate the best location for us. It's also good to know if you can endure the summer temperatures too amongst other things.

I certainly wouldn't consider working in Limassol and living in Paphos. You're looking at a 90 to 100 mile round trip, depending on where you'll be working and home. Try and keep work and home as close as possible to begin with. It'll keep your costs down.



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