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Hello, My company recently moved to Cyprus and we are looking for Native English Speakers. Does anyone knows a job-board where I target Native English Speakers in Cyprus. Thank you 


Jenny 1481202635

There's one right here - just click on the 'Jobs' link in the menu above :)

TonyCy 1481391361

You are in Cyprus...virtually everybody speaks English here!  You do not need a board! It would just be a lot quicker and constructive if you simply stated why you wish to target English speaking people and I'm certain you would have got more than just 2 respondents!

Graham S 1481393339

"Virtually everybody speaks English here...."     Er, no:by far the most commonly spoken language is Greek (or a Cypriot dialect of Greek).  Yes, there are a few pockets on the island where English is widely spoken, but that is not the case in a good 85% of the country. By way of example, our village has an official population of 280; of that number we probably know, on at least a pass-the-time-of-day conversational basis, about 50. Of that 50 perhaps three are reasonably fluent in English and another seven or eight have enough of a grasp to make themselves understood. I suspect that is true of most of he island outside the cities - and I would hazard a guess that the amount of English widely spoken in those cities would be highest by quite a long way in Pafos, followed perhaps by Nicosia and Larnaka roughly equal second and finally Limassol.

If you are looking for native English speakers I would target those areas with the highest percentage of native English-speaking ex-pats.  You don't say where in Cyprus you are located; if you are in the Pafos region, which has by far the greatest concentration, you won't have much of a problem.

andy-sharma-867403 1481530873

Hi Diana,

My Wife & I are both looking for jobs.How do we contact you to find out more information ?


Diana-Castillo 1481535242

The company is located in Limassol. if interested please send your cv to

andy-sharma-867403 1481536837

Thanks I will look up your Company Profile.

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