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I have placed a couple of free ads just now, but even though I added Paphos as my home town, when I click on 'Location' on the advert page it shows Nicosia. I have looked in my profile to see if home town can be added there, but it seems not. I now cannot edit the ad to insert the location within the advert text, so how can I get this to show I am in Paphos?


Jenny 1471710454

Are you using the geolocation facility? When you get to the location stage you need to type in the location and then drop the pin in the map by clicking on the pin icon to the right of the address field. If you've done it correctly you'll see a map showing the location you've specified.

DianeH 1471766185

Thanks Jenny. No, I didn't use that feature, as I cannot remember seeing it, and can't remember using it before the website update when I last posted an ad. I will have to go back and repost the ads and take the original ones off.

Normally, when online forms are filled in, if you miss one and click send a message pops up to let you know that you have missed a field and you then know to go back and complete it, but I guess that's hard to do with a map pin. But I would have thought that as I entered Paphos as my home town at the location stage that would somehow show on the advert itself, or at least prompt the map to show that area when the Location tab is clicked. There isn't even anywhere in the profile to add a location, other than Cyprus.

DianeH 1471766844

Well, I've managed it now, but don't know how that wasn't obvious to me before, probably in too much of a rush! Now, though, I cannot delete the old ad, only mark as sold!

DianeH 1471767192

Can those original ads please be removed by admin as it may make people think the items are sold even though there are new ads placed.

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