Moving to Cyprus

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Bus driver in England for fifteen years hoping to move to Cyprus in August coming over in April to find a property would I be able to find work any help would be much appreciated 


tonypp 1490715663

Cyprus, a great place for a holiday or retirement but with unemployment  running at near 14% it is hard to find any job. Perhaps you speak Greek but if not I don't think you stand any chance of getting a bus drivers job. Van driving jobs do come up but forget a minimum wage, expect long hours, no overtime rates and perhaps 4/5 Euros a hour. Work here is often seasonal , the tourist areas are heaving in the summer but ghost towns in the winter so avoid them if you are hoping to work all year.If you are looking for property in April you must check out if there are any jobs. Do your homework.  A fair number of people have the Cyprus dream but quickly the money runs out and the dream becomes a nightmare.

johos 1491235313

Try to go and see the bus company in Pafos. you don't have to speak  Greek as a lot of engilsh tourists use the buses. I worked there for 12 months and I didn't have a problem

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