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Hi I bought a house on a share of land  I have the title deeds for the land .I’ve lived in it 18+ years I’m British.but have residency in Cyprus .I accepted an offer on my house ,the buyer paid a deposit ,when he saw his lawyer  they told him that he could buy the house but not the land as he is British. Is this correct and if so is there anyway to get round this ? split the share of land ! would that be possible at all ?          Regards              Anne Gotto

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Hi Anne,  a very interesting article and I fully sympathise with you but nothing surprises me in Cyprus with the so called corrupt property laws and even more corrupt solicitors.

Very briefly we bought a property on Secret Valley and in 2012 entered into a contract through a solicitor in Paphos. The contract was to pay the rent on the property for 12 months and then purchase outright. 

To date 9 years later the Cypriot  crook & his Romanian wife are still living in our property and owes over 100K in rent. We have been waiting now since 2014 for a court date.

The illegal tenants in our property are so called business owners who run and own a hotel entertainment business in Paphos. The fact that they run a business and work and signed a contract you would think you would  have some form of legal rebuttal.

Completely  incorrect the whole legal system is a farce and should be dismantled and rebuilt.

Unfortunately there appears to be a lot of low life that resides on the Island,  who know how to circumvent the system with dubious solicitors. Their legal council operate under the radar and know how to manipulate the impartiality of the judges. Their legal council delay hearing after hearing with infantile excuses about needing more time for defence and in the meantime living rent free. Greed and money has now taken over the direction of their moral compass.

It's a shame because of such a beautiful Island with warm and wonderful people.


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