started by: DianeH-10047255 · last update: 1471767192 · posted: 1471686162

I have placed a couple of free ads just now, but even though I added Paphos as my home town, when I click on 'Location' on the advert page it shows Nicosia. I have looked in my profile to see if home town can be added there, but it seems not. I now cannot edit the ad to insert the location within the advert text, so how can I get this to show I am in Paphos?

started by: lybbie · last update: 1468479422 · posted: 1468432538

Hi can anyone help me. I need an engineer to repair my hot tub which has a leak on the motor.I am in Peyia.Regards

started by: raimie · last update: 1465835537 · posted: 1465822174

I have been trying to list an item for sale in the home and garden section, when it comes to putting in a sub catagory there is nothing suitable. It's a sun lounger I want to sell. Can you give me advice on what to put as a sub category.  Thank goodness we have Bazaraki to fall back on.

started by: MariaEph320 · last update: 1465479639 · posted: 1465478050

I've tried several times to advertise some items for sale in classifieds to no avail. When uploading the photos I am unable to edit them, ie rotate the photos. After giving up I try to submit the posting by pressing continue and nothing happens!! 

started by: Jinksy · last update: 1463989800 · posted: 1463927174

Hello,My wife and I bought an apartment in geroskipou 4 years ago and in April, we moved out full time. Now, the developer apparently wants to pull out of the maintenance and 5 people have put their names forward to be voted onto the committee. Not one of them is a permanent resident. All are British. The complex has a lot of residents who live and work here, some like us own, some rent. Probably less than half are British and we have Cypriots, Poles, Russians etc.I have heard and read conflicting information about the voting process. What I would like to know is the truth. Does the committee need 51% or 75% of the vote. What can they do autonomously? What do they need to go back to the owners to vote in.They have chosen their preferred company and have/are not looking for alternatives. Their chosen company has a list of t&c's which would terminate some of our existing rights which I understand is illegal? Can an anyone tell me in straight talking language, what is the correct process for electing a committee, what their powers/responsibilities are etc.best regards, Steve.

started by: fronhyfryd · last update: 1461402995 · posted: 1458633067

is anyone having problems trying to get into the classified for sale and wanted i click on the items for more info but nothing happens !.

started by: DIM · last update: 1461308098 · posted: 1461303207

Hello. Does anyone knows how can i edit or delete a classified?     There is only an option for mark as sold.

started by: Dez-694635 · last update: 1460215236 · posted: 1460210366

I have been trying for days to put my house for rent in angloinfo and i am getting nowhere. I have also written to angloinfo no joy there, no reply. It used to be so easy to put in a free advert, can anyone help me please, much appreciated thanks

started by: kimbrda1 · last update: 1459598231 · posted: 1458385691

Does anyone know why your added photos do not show when you advertise a car for sale? thanks.

started by: Comet · last update: 1458637539 · posted: 1458460482

Hello,  Do you still provide a search facility in the classified section? There is a  search box at the beginning of all the sections but it does'nt appear to be working. Thanks Nick

started by: Anna-Timotheou-853103 · last update: 1458552574 · posted: 1458306199

Hi, is anyone having any problems clicking on classified ads. Ever since the new site went up I've being trying to click on the ads that selling items but nothing happens. So how are you suppose to get details of product, phone or email to contact the seller?

started by: Sunnypaphos · last update: 1458408687 · posted: 1458390713

Hello Anglo infoI have to say since you completely changed the format of this site I cannot find anything! I have emailed you but no response was forthcoming?  I would like some information about how to advertise my property for rent and what it now costs - I have placed ads on here before, both free and at a cost but my account shows no history of any prevoius postings even though it says I have been a member for 7 years (which is correct). Please help! Regards Tracey

started by: lecou · last update: 1445099587 · posted: 1445099587

can anyone tell me whether The General Hospital loan wheelchairs, Zimmer frame and crutches to patients who have had a knee transplant operation there.

started by: curion · last update: 1428706617 · posted: 1428678517

hi to support team, recently tried to submit an enquiry about listing our apartment for sale in the u.k. and also a brief mention to anyone thinking of buying here in cyprus, my request was placed in non-local. have just seen an advert for someone looking to rent  here. my question why can i know  longer list ( or attempt ) to list property for sale. being in the non local sundry is not something that is looked at very often.thanks.

started by: FionaGeorge · last update: 1427995038 · posted: 1383388312

It's probably right under my nose, but please can someone tell me how to edit a post.   Thanks.

started by: MySweetHome · last update: 1423503270 · posted: 1423500522

Anybody can help me how can I closed my profile here in Angloinfo? I want to delet myself and start a new profile with my same e-mail address.

started by: hoppysdogs · last update: 1423193871 · posted: 1423193871

i got a private message from another user, but i can not seem to find it anymore in my account settings  i want to send a message back  but how ? ive clicked on the users name but no way to send messages ? 

started by: Alan-659844 · last update: 1418029454 · posted: 1124303748

I have tried to sign up for the weekly newsletter. I enter my email address (the same one that I used to register), but get the following message: "...but there's been a problem. You must enter a valid e-Mail address."   Where do I go from here?   RegardsAlanPafos

started by: pipis · last update: 1416905580 · posted: 1416894247

I wanted to post a Free Ad and I tried yesterday and today but each time it wants me to pay. I have never had to pay before and wonder if the rules have changed or this is some glitch in the system. It was just a Wanted ad - looking for an old oven shelf. Not going to pay for that.

started by: Susan Souter · last update: 1408036055 · posted: 1408036055

I was reading Anglo Discussion and came across this poor lady who is very,very destressed. She has lived in Cyprus for 18 years and had lost her Cypriot husband (Died) and is getting abused by her land loard, she has written a message, RENTING AN APPARTMENT. THE DEPOSIT on General enquires (a resent discussion) I've took her email down it reads eneruutel@gmail.com hope someone can help this lady please.

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