started by: ediejohn · last update: 1407840977 · posted: 1407837012

Just placed an add  I am trying to pay for it and it wont give me the page.

started by: ninio-917891 · last update: 1406581770 · posted: 1406580768

I'm trying to post an ad in classified under "property for rent" and my ad goes to "general for sale"! I tried to edit it but it just stays in "general for sale".Even made a new ad and still the same!  Am I doing something wrong?

started by: Bryrow · last update: 1404730974 · posted: 1404730974

Help! I have had no Monday Angloinfo for the past 2 weeks, Have I missed something? Or have I upset someome Comments please. Bryrow

started by: jjwet · last update: 1399054343 · posted: 1399054343

Can someone stop the irritating anglo-info pop ups that seem to crop up at EVERY new screen?   We get the message with a single pop up, but every time...come on Anglo Inf, sort it out asap!

started by: Bryrow · last update: 1398076548 · posted: 1398066813

Where can I find the critreria for reposting a classified advert in Angloinfo

started by: rodbender · last update: 1395863218 · posted: 1395853467

hi all i have just regesterd with angloinfo and got a new password(i forgot my old one) but would like to change my password to something that i can remember but can not find anywhey to do it can anyone help me  many thanks  mick

started by: shades · last update: 1392674780 · posted: 1392674302

One of my items that was for sale has now been sold ,how do i delete or put sold on the post..thanks guys and girls..

started by: pkb1 · last update: 1388596175 · posted: 1388595456

hi, is there a way you can remove or edit one of your own posts once it  has been sent? thanks

started by: dizzylizzy-697053 · last update: 1385448691 · posted: 1385448502

I put a posting yesterday looking for a cleaner and it has disappeared!!

started by: MariaKk-699183 · last update: 1366633598 · posted: 1366616848

Can anyone explain to me how I can add a photo to my classified advert, in a simple way please, as I am not very good at these things?

started by: jimmythebargainhunter · last update: 1365357961 · posted: 1365290406

hi, i suddenly can't log into the <classifieds< section on Anglo...box pops up saying "server not found"...i can get into all the other parts...anyone out there can help and explain why and what i have to do to rectify things?...thanks Jimmy

started by: handbagandwallet · last update: 1361295338 · posted: 1361175085

Hello Does anyone know how to change your email address details on your account. I am changing my email address and I need to update my details. Thanks

started by: CandG's Grandad · last update: 1352821518 · posted: 1352821518

I am new to Angloinfo Cyprus and would like to place an advert to sell my car in the classifieds, I have tried 4 times to go through the form to up load the information and to add photograph to no avail. I have tried to find the FAQ section, search for contact details to get help and can find nothing, can somebody help me sort this out, I know that it is possible but for the life of me can't find a way through the site. If anyone can help I would appreciate it. Regards CandG's Grandad

started by: pdobbo · last update: 1352371432 · posted: 1314031247

For a few weeks now I have noticed that when I have asked to be notified by e-mail (whenever there is a new post i a discussion or classified), no e-mails have been received even though there are new posts. Last week some-one told me they had PM'd (private mailed) me via Anglo-info, but I never received the PM. Today, I PM'd some-one and they haven't received it.Any-one else having problems?

started by: dizzylizzy-697053 · last update: 1347465801 · posted: 1347457347

Hi, I placed an ad a couple of hours ago asking about someone to help with outside cleaning and its vanished!!  Thanks to Peter and Sherri, I received your emails, but there are also 2 other people who replied on the advert itself that I can't access. If u see this, pls can you email me? Thanks very much, I think I must have placed my ad at the same time as the upgrade!!

started by: raregold · last update: 1345652271 · posted: 1345652271

anglo info is sending replies to my sales add to wrong email it is lodger1@cytanet.com.cyRaregold

started by: Laura_Laura · last update: 1339662391 · posted: 1339584862

Heloo, I would like to know if/ how I can change my user name?!

started by: SidG · last update: 1332181153 · posted: 1332061530

Hi, Can any one help me PLEASE? I came over to live nearly six years ago now, went through all the right channels (I think) and got a passport type book from Immigration which I'm assumming was my residency. Subsequently split with partner who has found great pleasure in destroying or keeping everything including all the paperwork. How do I go about getting some sort of paperwork replaced or do I have to go to Immigration and go through the whole cuffufle again? What paperwork is need and how do I get the paperwork for medical help? You wouldn't think I had been here so long and am still at a loss to what to do?? Various people tell you different things, can someome please just tell me the basics. Thank you so much to anyone who can point me in the right direction

started by: flip-722022 · last update: 1325506087 · posted: 1325503537

I am clearing out my house and have tonns of items for sale.. Does anyone know how i can make a web link so all my items can be viewed at the same time - rather than sending emails ?? I am new to Anglo info so any advice would be greatly appreciated. Also how do u find your post after several days.. i keep searching for it but cant find it - HELP

started by: zoemosh · last update: 1319246907 · posted: 1319246907

I have been trying to get into my My Profile for a long time and for some reason i cant. can you tell me why?

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