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Hello, does any body know? I have some ads of things that have been already sold and I want to delete the post. How can I do it? Can you even delete it? I was also wondering how I can amend an ad in case of a mistake.

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This forum is for asking public questions regarding the technical aspects of AngloINFO. -----Forums Administrationforums@angloinfo.com

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can anyone please tell me how to remove an article that i have sold. from the classified listings. thanks

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Hi , I wonder if it a good idea to make a forum in here that we can rate users and be rated of course. I am sure many of us have faced timewasters , or fraud or even pushy people. I believe it would be nice , if it is possible of course to create a section in angloinfo that when a user contact us we could go in there and see his/her rating before we decide to answer back to them or just ignore them . Just an opinion Regards George

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hi, is it possible to paste my message rather than have to retype it from scratch ? i spent an hour carefully typing my message into notepad on a non internet enabled pc, but when i get online and try to put it here, i am not allowed to paste it ! am i missing something ? ive never come across a forum before that blocks pasting, cheers

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I am coming back to Cyprus Limassol near the end of October and am looking for winter work for when I get back. I have experience as a karaoke host, Bar supervisor, assistant manager of a shoe company. I am fluent in English, am learning Greek

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if anybody is looking for man with van, look no further than a guy called fivos, he helped me pick up a 3 meter dish in his van, he was brilliant and very reasonable, hes number is 99491818.

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Hi can some one let me know why english films are listed, for larnaca, nicosia act, but not for paralimni where i live. many thanks. David.

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I had replies to ads to say a person would buy my vehicle without seeing it and asking for an address to send a cheque to. I was dubious but sent an address now I keep getting emails asking if I have recieved the cheque obviously this is some sort of scam or fraud. The name given was Raul in this instance. Beware not to reply to these type of replies to ads.

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Not the easiest web site to navigate!Advertised in classifieds quite a long time ago and didnt sell the item so wanted to re advertise with new details and price. Every time i try the advert gets taken off due to its been avdvertised before but i cannot find the old advertisement to change and if i did find it would i be able to change it?Wouldnt it be good if when advertising you had some control over your adverts and could change details and call up all you old and new adverts on your account if you can do that on Anglo info please tell me how.Thanks in antisipation of your response. anyone !!

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I did it under 'Create a New Private Advertisement in Cars & Vehicles For Sale (FREE!)' and it bounces back every time. I enter only text, no pics. Pls advice. Thank you.

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Hi, Does anyone know of or can recommend a good reliable man who could assist me repairing my swimming pool in Dora 21-25 June. No specialst knowledge or equipment required, as i have the detailed instructions from construction engineer. I can collect him on a daily basis. I arrive in Cyprus this Sunday 20 june and can be contacted 99792648 Thanks Sean

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please could someone direct me on how i locate an old post i have made to enable me to update it , i added a new post but it was removed because i have placed a similar posting which is true only i cannot find the old 1 to amend !!!

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Hi, Can someone advise please on this problem; Since formatting my hard drive I can no longer log in to angloinfo from that computer, however I can still log in from other computers. I have gone through the advice listed in Forum Help/ FAQ, with the 3 links to delete cookies. I have checked that cookies are enabled, which they are. I cannot think what else could be the problem. I have flash enabled, java enabled, and nothing is being blocked by popup blocker. Any ideas as to what else to check please? Thanks.

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