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Hi can anyone tell me if you get a job on the buses how long you can drive on your EU licence

started by: craig-disdell-896047 · last update: 1550962918 · posted: 1517234914

Moving out there on 22nd April got my pcv licence but got to be living there for 6 months is this true

started by: Graham S · last update: 1523090462 · posted: 1523015174

Yesterday I followed a car with a numberplate in the now standard black on white and the EU/CY logo in the normal place, but it had 3 numerals, 2 letters (or it may have been a zero and a letter) and 3 more numerals, all in a continuous row with no spacing between numerals & letters and no other information.  Any ideas?Graham

started by: anna-carnessale-926612 · last update: 1522836509 · posted: 1522836509

good morning... . I am interested in buying a static caravans or similar, if someone intends to sell immediately at a good price I can buy cash after viewing and delivery to kato Drys village near larnacathank you and contact meAnna C.

started by: REDHEN945 · last update: 1522244195 · posted: 1515188226

Looking to hire a car,from the 25 Jan to 14 Feb. Small cheap and cheerful ,as it's only used for the odd shopping excursion. Some are really expensive, and many are rediculously cheap. ( too cheap maybe) So just looking for some recommendations / prices. Cheers.

started by: Dingbat-695890 · last update: 1522244114 · posted: 1516088399

I have a friend who is taking driving lessons and she pays for a two hour session but receives only an hour and a half as the instructor says he has to travel to pick her up, is this normal?

started by: simone50 · last update: 1520578820 · posted: 1520578820

hi,just found out engine has died.anyone interested in repairing,telephone 97678794 simon

started by: Mohamed-Awad-918879 · last update: 1515427055 · posted: 1515427055

I will be in Cyprus in the next few darI am looking for a scrap cars backyardOr car breaker yardsMy mean stay will be limasol

started by: ashbys · last update: 1513711191 · posted: 1315572494

I have just renewed my fully comp car insurance and the old chestnut came up again............. how do you calculate the value of a used car in Cyprus for insurance purposes? Has anybody had the unfortunate experience of making a claim for a total write off of their car and what was the outcome. Nobody seems to know how used cars are valued here, including my insurance company - just a bit concerning, I feel. Brian, Paphos.

started by: Richard -Woolf-915300 · last update: 1512505629 · posted: 1511269427

I have a 9.5m long yacht which I am hoping to  ship from uk to Limassol Docks and and need help with advise about how I can get it towed from the docks to Limassol Marina.My yacht will arrive on its own trailer dimensions with yacht on it 2.98m wide, 4.2m high but can be reduced to 3.8m if mast is put under boat.  Trailer and boat is 12m and total trailer weight is about 3400kg.Does anyone know trailer regulations in Cyprus? So that I can make sure the trailer is compliant.does anyone know someone or a company that could tow the trailer to the Marina for me on a commercial basis?once the yacht has been launched the trailer will be surplus to my requirements and therefore I would like to try and sell it in Cyprus.  I can provide details if anyone is interested, so far it has only done 400 miles and has 6 adjustable legs and central keel support for yachts with a keel length of up to 2m.  It also has marinized wheels so can be used for self launching if adapted for smaller draft boats.

started by: mchilton · last update: 1509697396 · posted: 1509526940

Hi, Does anyone know if you can SORN a car in Cyprus, on line please?    

started by: ron read · last update: 1509031639 · posted: 1509031639

have a friend coming from UK with his own trailer 4 wheel and he will be working it for about 3 years here. does he need to register it here

started by: Graham S · last update: 1506750977 · posted: 1506750977

Hi. Can anyone recommend a somewhere in the Limassol  area where I can get a made-to-measure soft cover for the back of my truck?  A standard off-the-shelf product won't fit because the lashing hooks have been fitted at non-standard spacings.TIAGraham

started by: antreou · last update: 1505305361 · posted: 1443034173

Can anyone recomend a decent car insurance ? I had been with Gan Direct and they cancelled my insurance as my wife is Russian even though she has a Cyprus driving license which she passed in Cyprus 3 years ago. I visited their office and could not believehow racist and irrational they are. So are there any recomendations for car insurance?

started by: simone50 · last update: 1502647506 · posted: 1502647506

i am wanting to buy vehicle,but need to get checked over,any mechanics not on holiday telephone 97678794

started by: fduggan · last update: 1501674995 · posted: 1501616065

We've been living in Kiti for 3 years and can't find a car parts place in Larnaca. We need 4 spark plugs for a Nissan Micra 998cc. Can anyone help? Garages want to charge a bit to do it. Hubby can do it himself, just can't find them! Thanks in advance. Need a good car parts place apart from Nissan Kalo Chorio.

started by: sundaygirl-10066801 · last update: 1501499839 · posted: 1501499839

Does anyone know of a car seat repair company, preferably in Paphos?  The leather is ripped on the base of the seat.  Thank you.

started by: delgirl-672977 · last update: 1493741758 · posted: 1493741757

How many vehicles is one allowed to own, in Cyprus please

started by: dilewis · last update: 1492864201 · posted: 1492166733

can anybody advise me pleasei had hoped to come to Cyprus later this year on a permanent basis but I am being advised that as I am over 70 (73 in fact) that I will not be able to get car insurance in Cyprus even though I have more than 50 years of accident free driving and totally clean licenceif this is  right would my wife who is 67 also has a clean licence and accident free history has driven as a named driver on my UK policies for 40+ years, would she be able to take out insurance and name me as driver

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