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Hi I'm moving to Cyprus as soon as my house is sold and just wondered if anyone can give me advice on whether it is more cost effective to bring a car over to Cyprus or whether to buy one there. I'm not of retirement age so will not qualify for any tax exemptions etc. I have been told that 'on the road' prices for cars bought in Cyprus are a lot more expensive than the UK because of 'commodity taxeds. To be honest, the more I look into the situation, the more confusing it becomes. Can anyone please help? Many thanks. Lesley

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paphosfan 1202376570


You will still be entitled to one duty free car (although not retiring) if you fulfil certain criteria - i.e have owned the car for at least 6 months, have done a certain about of mileage, can prove that you are becoming permanently resident in Cyprus (property deeds, long term tenancy agreement), and a few other points which escape my mind now. If you fulfil the criteria, you wont have to pay the import duty. However, should you later wish to sell the car you brought over, you will have a lot of hassle/jumping through hoops etc and you will have to pay the duty that would have been due when you imported it. You will have to pay registration fees if you do or do not pay the duty.

If you would like an idea of the duty and registration fees payable, then please email me the make, model, cc, date of first registration and CO2 emmissions of the vehicle and I will work it out for you. Failing that - use these links and see for yourself: This is a duty calculator from Customs here. Scroll down the page to pint 3.4 and example 2 - there you will find a link to the calculator. This will let you know the registration fees payable (required to get Cypriot no.plates and tax the car).

Car prices here vary, particularly in the second hand market. You will have to work out how much it will cost you to bring your car over and compare it with prices of new vehicles for sale here. Lots of people will say it is not worth the hassle of bringing your car over - for me it totally depends on the type of car and how much you want to keep it.

Hope the above helps, Simon

filbell 1202378268

Hi, I moved here in Oct 07 and brought my car in my containor. It cost me £400 to have it in the containor but would have cost £500 on a roll on/off ship.

I am getting my car duty free as I am 56 and not working but on a works pension and fulfilled the other criteria for duty free.

Had 2 visits to Nicosia and I am told it will be approved and not having to provide any more infomation.

In my experience it has being easy to bring my car across and worth it financially due to what I would have lost on the sale in UK and buying here. Cars seems to be expensive and not sure I would buy a second hand car privatally here. Simons last comments are the best advice.


kazanddave 1202385764

You can buy brand new cars with engines at 1.6 or below cheaper than in the UK. If you like cars with larger engines or you have one with plenty of life left in it, it may be worth bringing.

Felicity Anne 1202385984

Also remember you must have owned the vehicle for at least 6 months or more, otherwise you cannot export it to cyprus.

bill&eva 1202387564



You can buy brand new cars with engines at 1.6 or below cheaper than in the UK. If you like cars with larger engines or you have one with plenty of life left in it, it may be worth bringing.


very true kazanddave ~ I bought a 1.6 masda brand new here and it was a couple of grand cheaper than buying the same car in the UK.


LB-667513 1202418917

Hi to everyone who has replied

Can't thank you all enough for the advice and recommendations re:bringing my car over. Just wish I could sell my house yesterday so that I could be over there with you all now.

Many thanks again



WTC-667636 1202694034

Hi Simon, I want to retire to Cyprus, I am a retired man at this time but do not wish at this time to buy a property. I intend to rent on a 12 monthly basis.But I do want to bring my car over. I have however no idea of costs or rules, I see your offer to estimate the import duties etc I wonder if you could help me. I have a very cherished Toyota Landcruiser 4x4 that 2years ago I had converted to use LPG as well as petrol. It is a V8 4686cc and has a emission of 01.09 Registered 30.11.99 it is not a import.My son bought it brand new, then gave it to me 2 years ago. Can you help? thankyou WTC


WTC-667636 1202694641

Hi filbell,Where did you ship your car from (port) How did you go about it? I have'nt a clue where to start! I am in Berkshire UK Did you have to deliver it to the Port? Can you help? WTC


filbell 1202723184

Hi WTC, I put my car in a 20 ft containor along with my household possesions. It cost an extra £400 to do this as they have to build a wooden frame around the car. It does rather limit the space left in the containor for your possesions.

I did research putting it on a roll on/off ferry from Southampton and that cost was £500 for a Vauxhall Corsa, for that you have to drop it off at the dock at your own cost. Some people on this site have driven it to Cy and used it as a holiday but its not to easy to get from Italy to Cy but can be done.

If I did the move again I would use roll on/off and have more room in the containor. For roll on/off just Googled it for info.

Hope that helps



paphosfan 1202733752

Hi Will

You should be exempt from the excise duty providing you fulfil the criteria - please take some time to read the information on this link:

Should you not fulfil the criteria you will be looking at a VERY heavy excise duty fee - as this is based on engine capacity and CO2 emmissions. The excise duty you would have to pay would be in the region of 15390 Euros = sterling £11500 ish - based on the information you provided. Therefore, it is CRUCIAL, unless you are seriously loaded, that you ensure you will be exempt from duty. Read and re-read the link above.

NB - You will not be able to sell the vehicle here, unless you pay the excise duty that would have been due on the date of importation to Cyprus (reduced annually by depreciation).

In addition to excise duty (if you have to pay), you will also have to pay registration fees to get your car on cypriot plates. For your vehicle this would amount to CYP2800 - approx sterling £3570. This is payable regardless of whether or not you qualify for a duty free car.

I cannot stress enough how important it is for you to ensure you fulfil the criteria for a duty free car - specifically as your vehicle falls into the bracket which is taxed so heavily here.

Hope the above helps, let me know fi I can help further.

Regards, Simon

WTC-667636 1202739411

Thankyou filbell, any and all information is both useful and helpfull. I have to be all ready by end of April2008. WTC


WTC-667636 1202740703

Hi Simon, Thank you so much for a very detailed reply. Tell me, can I bring in the car if I am renting on a 12 month basis, as it could be that I cannot for some reason or other stay as long as I would like and have to return to UK. Can I actually use the car for my stay? Would I be liable for any extra costs? Do you know the time limits if I can legally do this? And could this be done? Sorry to be a pain, but, I need to cross the T's and dot the I's. Regards Will,


dw1948 1203619616

hi simon,
i have just read your reply covering importing a car and I would like to take you up on your offer of an idea of the duty and registration fees payable,the car in question is:
March 2007 Nissan X Trail 2.2 d SUV
emmissions 190g/km

i have an idea of the duty costs, but would like confirmation but have no idea of registration fees.
i would welcome any help you can offer.
Best Regards,

skycop 1203642191

You can import your car temp. for 6 months, it must be tax and insurred for the entire time. It does not cost anything then, if you decide to stay, you can then register and get the Cypriot plates.

This is a good way of doing it if you have not had the car for 6 months before comming.

Some may argue this one but, Its what I did, on the advice of customs in Nicosia


michaelcy64 1203704863

hi just reading your post... i got confused in calculating my own car i as interested in bringing....i have a 56 plate chevrolet matiz 1st reg i think 2006 but has aug 2006 plates it has an 800cc engine obviously being a newish car no MOT required so i am not sure of ommisions. can you advise if it would be better to ship it over rather than still trying to sell it in the Uk..ive been here in Larnaca for 3mths without a car, going back 19th march to sort it out n maybe ship it over, in your honest econimical oppinion is it worth it


mabel7-667842 1203765000

hi we are in the process of importing a honda hrv 2002 1.6 for our holiday home we are not retirees. Please can you advise how we obtain a 6 month temporary license. Do you have a link to calculate re-registration fees after this time. many thanks

billyboy-667696 1203772275

Hiya Simon

Just read your email to Lesley is there any chance you can help us? We are thinking about buying a car that needs to be registered and plates changed from UK. Can you give us any idea of costs. Car is in Cyprus already. It is a Honda Accord 2.2I CTDI Estate. CC 2204. Reg 23.1.04. CO2 emissions 153 g/km. We have looked at the website but don't know what else we really need to do.

Thanks Billy Boy


mabel7-667842 1204455548

Registration fees

For those of you who wish to buy a new car, or those of you changing from V plate to local plates, the new registration fees may be of interest.

Engine Capacity (cc)


Up to 1450

1451 – 1650

1651 – 2050

2051 – 2250

2251 – 2650

2651 and more

Cyprus pounds per cc







Cyprus pounds

Cyprus pounds

Cyprus pounds

Cyprus pounds

Cyprus pounds

Private Car


25 - 145

218 - 248

413 - 513

615 - 675

1351 - 1590

1591 -



25 - 145

218 - 248





Double Cab


25 - 102

152 - 173

289 - 350



this is still in cyprus pounds but may help you

WTC-667636 1204495139

Hi. I have just looked at the Customs site and it states ,I think, that a car bought over from the UK must be no older than 5/6 years old! is this correct? I sure hope i've got that wrong.Can somebody please help? WTC


darren-668158 1205102502

hello does anyone know if you put your car in a container do you have to pay the duty before the container leaves the port as i may want to use it as holiday use

miti-668177 1205180971


read your message with great interest

we are moving to the paphos area at the end of may and wish to bring our car which is a jeep cherokee and is a petrol 4litre

any how much this will cost us?

any help or info would be appreciated



Spanner-666908 1205229111

I would suggest you all call the Cyprus High Commission in London on 020 7321 4100

"In the works"

stevie-663531 1206363894

Please note that as well as having owned the car for six months, you must also have been driving it for at least six months, my car was only driven by me for five months and after going to Nicosia to get my form stamped for 9 months I got a letter the other day saying I must pay £3,000 duty by the end of the month or export the car,or place in bonded warehouse, these are the options, there are no plans to scrap the duty presently, its also noted that if you put your car in a bonded warehouse for 12 months, you can then drive it again on the road for six months, then it has to be bonded again for another 12


WTC-667636 1206459782

Hi Stevie,I was very interested in your posting,especially the bit about ownership and actually having to drive it for 6 months as well! I am moving to Cyprus in May this year and I have sold my Landcruiser in order to buy a smaller 4x4 to bring with me.I do not know your status or circumstances i.e. working age or retired. but I am in retirement and I think that hopefully am not liable to pay duty or tax on my vehicle(I hope)I do know about the 6 month ownership, which does I confess worry me. But due to circumstances my timing is bad but I must go ahead with my plans. The key to it, I think,is the phrase "Meeting the Criteria" I have downloaded many pages from Customs Departments and think that maybe just maybe I might be exept! Not from the 6 month clause but maybe the rest.(a lot of maybe's I know) But hey,every country has Red Tape, so I have emailed a person in Cyprus that was recomended as knowing their way around it ,so if they can do it, then it will be worth their Fee! I will let you know how I get on. I would still really like any suggestions or comments from anyone on this site who has had any experience of the situation I am about to undertake. Thanks WTC


baxi-666881 1206620562

can you reccomend the agent who will be dealing with the paperwork ? .and give us an idea how much they will charge ? .

WTC-667636 1206624122

HI, gets you to the Gwenny site, go from there. WTC.


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