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Does anyone know what it costs to change ownership on a vehicle. Is the issuing of the logbook include that? Thanks so much!

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Paul Caton 1234973933

Just done it, cost 22 euros including issuing the new logbook.

Used my Insurance broker to do it and only took a couple of days

Download the form from this website, both you and previous owner need to fill in some info and done.

If you do it yourself, you have to go to the Muktar etc. Much more hassle.

5vrgs 1234977249

Thanks for that info Paul.

Could you please send that web address to me again.

Thanks so much


mitch30 1234978887

We have just done it ourselves, Muktar signed, no problem and no charge, we went to DoT in Nicosia it took 5 minutes and cost us 8.40 Euro

We were very impressed and would recommend to anyone..

After all the different things we were told about all the forms we would need, nothing like that at all, we just needed a copy of passport and the log. A new log was printed straight away...

journo-666338 1234980036

You can also do 'change of ownership' in person, on the spot, at regional Road Transport Department offices - such as in Aradippou for the Larnaca area. All much easier now they are computerised, so any office can do the checks and print out the new log 'book'.

5vrgs 1234986781

Thanks for all the many helpful contributions!

Can anyone tell me what the requirements are regarding insurance when it comes to change of ownership?
Does one need an insurance cover?
Will 3rd party suffice?
Is there a minimum time period needed, eg. a min of 1 year insurance, etc.

journo-666338 1235000965

Insurance is checked before road tax discs are issued, and in change of ownership. But 3rd party is fine. Just has to be valid when you're making the transaction!

Paul Caton 1235050427

this is the link for change of ownership form

5vrgs 1235825771

When the change of ownership is signed, does it need to be done in the presence of a mayor or such official and what documents are required at that point?

Thanks all!

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