is it worth bringing car from UK

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I own a 1997 VW GOLF diesel in good condition. The shipping charges are about 500 sterling. However I am getting mixed info about paying taxes in Cyprus or not. Has anyone brought their car from the Uk and how much they paid in taxes. Have they regretted their desicion???? tk

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Flowerpower-660633 1181253408

I have read this queation on forums many times and without exception they all say NO!!!!

The paperwork and heartache just isn't worth it.

summer-blossom 1181298947

Why isn't it worth it? Are there any old threads about importing an older car into Cyprus that anyone knows about - I too would like to bring my car with me as it is in great condition and second hand cars seem to be expensive in Cyprus - Help !!!!!!

johnners-660966 1181309922

Hi Greco,

Its a matter of a trade off. How much do you want to keep your Golf, what is it worth? Against the shipping and import costs plus are spares for a 10 year old Golf available at a reasonable price here in Cyprus?

First find out how much your 1997 VW GOLF diesel is worth.

Then check shipping costs for a container. A 20ft container will cost £1200+ add to this insurance. Then calculate the import duty which, unless its recently changed, is on a sliding scale based on engine size. (We imported a car just over 18 months ago so it may have altered)

The total cost for us was £4300 uk, our car was only 4 months old worth £13000 uk total £17,300 uk (£14,600 CYP) and the equivalant model here in Cyprus was £19,500 CYP so we were quids.

The container cleared customes without any problems, Britmove Cyprus dealt with all this for us and was included in the cost above.

Personally, if your car is worth less than £5000 uk. I doubt it is financially viable to import it. Unless you really, really want to keep it.

Hope this helps


johnners-660966 1182273577

I received a PM via this post from GEOFFM Asking for some more details about shipping cars/cargo etc

GEOFFM the email address held by AngloInfo isn't currently active so my messages are bouncing back. Please email again with your current address. I'll then forward the information you are asking for.

Thank you


NickyC-662412 1182449850

Hi All,

I am bringing my car to Cyprus in August. The shipping cost is GB£850. There's no import duty as I have owned it for more than 12 months prior to moving to Cyprus, I am moving from the UK, an EU state, and I intend to take up permanent residency in Cyprus. I have had this confirmed by email directly from a customs official and he sent me the relevent legislation.

When collecting it, you have to take 12 months utility bills to prove you lived in the EU state you claim, driving licence and proof of conveyance of your property in the UK from a solicitor, or proof you have rented it out. I have also been advised to take my wedding and birth certificates and council tax bills and 12 month bank statements.

Also, your car has to be inspected for road worthiness etc before you can take it.

The sting comes when you have to pay for the First Registration, which is a sliding scale. Because mine is a 2496cc I have to pay 60 cents per cc - nearly cy£1500!! On top of that, there's the car tax, again a sliding scale, which will be cy£300 for mine for the year.

However, if I sold my car here in the UK, I'd be lucky to get at the most GB£4000 for it - I haven't seen the equivalent for sale in Cyprus for less than CY£7000.

Excluding the car tax which you'd have to pay either way if you bought the equivalent car in Cyprus, I calculate that at being approx CY£5700. I'm happy to do a lot of running around with paperwork to save a grand and a half!

If I've got any of this wrong, please, please let me know anyone! I have looked in to this quite thoroughly though.

If there's anyone out there who has imported a car, I'd love to hear from you with your experiences. Particularly, how long it takes and at when you have to pay the registration - can you drive it around in the meantime?



john howes 1182466645

Hi Nicky

I believe that in January when Cyprus becomes a full European member there will be no more charges and tax's for other member states taking cars ect to Cyprus?

any thoughts


NickyC-662412 1182474385

Hi John,

I'd better look into that, hadn't I ??





carreyrou 1182525554

Interesting reading on bringing their cars to Cyprus - I am considering bringing my MGB roadster so I would be interested in comments on older cars. I would be coming from France after 3 years but I don't think that makes any difference ?

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