Renewal of Road Tax in Cyprus

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You can now renew your road tax from the internet through then Save time, avoid queues and pay with your existing visa and visa electron.   banjo

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Russell-660157 1141305320

Thanks Banjo,

I wish I would have known that a couple of weeks ago as I stood in a queue for about 45 minutes in Limassol!

All we need now is to get my shopping delivered after I've bought it online.

Fat chance!


Jas-660265 1141375828


Hi Banjo

Thanks for this, I haven't got my tax yet and I need to do it, do you know how to get the page up in English?!!




trishy-660619 1142512525

Hi Banjo

I have been trying to pay for my road tax on the internet :( Where it requests 3 digits which appear to be from various sources - how do you know what to enter? I've tried various permutations...... Also I'm not sure that the database is finding my car registration. I've tried calling the Dept of Transport but they don't appear to answer..... Any advice....?Thanks in advance


Jas-660265 1142597730



I am stuck with this too - I think I will have to go and que up for it. Does anyone know where I have to go in Limassol please?


Thank you very much,


Brian Davidson 1200572225

Use the last three digits of your ID, Aliens card, tax number, or medical card the are all the same. I taxed mine yesterday.
you do need an email address and a printer.

good luck

Brian Davidson

alby-664765 1200591052


I live near Pafos and I just pop into a car showroom Andreas Georgios in pafos and they do it for you there and then.

sarahd-666584 1200598857

hi im in larnaca where do i re new my tax? does anyone know?

i could try doing it on line but u are talking about ID cards and tax cards etc i dont have any of these?


maggie may-666342 1200680039

Hi sarahd you can use your passport number its the last 3 digits that they want really simple just did mine, good luck



journo-666338 1201207849

Hi Sarah, I believe the actual office for road tax renewal in Larnaka moved last year from its old location on the airport road to the turning by the Control Tower on the far side of the airport.

bill&eva 1201218969

No ~~ it's on the main larnaca - nicosia road on the aridipou trading estate


journo-666338 1201220199

So it's moved again - when did it move there Bill? It moved near the airport last February!

kinloch 1201265266

Last year I paid at the Bank of Cyprus is it still possible to do this.

sarahd-666584 1201367498

thanks everyone, i renewed my tax online at the web address mentioned before it was so easy and quick. All it required was the last three numbers on my passport and the car reg. Highly recommend doing it this way!!

Mike1-667401 1201687637

on Back side yours card where is signature is usualy 7 digit number so use the last 3 digits

bill&eva 1201690103

As previously posted Mike the "last three digits" refers to the ID you used when you put the car in your name so that's your passport or ID card ~ not a debit or credit card number.


bill&eva 1201690454

Hi Journo

I went to get a replacement registration document last june and it had moved then ~ it's a pig to find .


bill&eva 1201690643


It's still ok to get it done at the BOC ~ I renewed mine at the co-op bank last week.


Mystic 1201710049

You can also use Laiki online banking to pay for your car tax.


Michael-660958 1202388459

Here's one for you.. in the UK if the vehicle is not in use ie off the road - you can do a SORN so you don't pay for it while it is not in use... is there such a luxury here - been trying to phone the tax office here and no reply... probably all too busy with the queues!! We will only be here till March this year and it is a bummer to be paying for it when it is just sitting parked up!!

Konia 1231524568


thanks for the info - my problem with JCC is that they will net accept the last 3 digits of the ID card - anyone had this?

Cheers H


Graham S 1231542491

Are those 3 digits the last ones of the number you used when registering online with JCC? I used my passport number and have never had any problems.


hatter39 1231798144

Just did mine on line took about 60 seconds!

Hardest job was finding a pair of scissors to cut out the disc!!!!!!



timc007 1239638116

The last 3 digits you need can be found at the bottom of your Registration document - Find the 'Owner' section on the Reg Doc, on the right hand side of that box is the 'I.C. No.' you will need to entre the last 3 digits of the long number - this number will be either your passport number of Cyprus ID card number. You will need a printer or chose the save option and take it down to your internet cafe. If you save it you will need to re-size your image to 80mm by 80mm to print it out the right size (otherwise your tax disk will be huge).

Much better than standing in line down at the transport office, it took me 2 hours last year with dealers before me getting tax for 20+ cars. You can only use your bank or co-op to renew your car tax during the month of January and some charge for this.

There is no SORN facility in Cyprus, if you miss paying your tax one year you will be charged for that year next time your renew your tax. watch out for this when you are buying a second-hand car, if the previous owner has not paid the tax for the last few years you will be charged for this as well when you apply for your car tax.

Hope this helps, Tim

Martyn Tamkin 1245837055

The last 3 numbers on the passport does not work if you have renewed the passport after registering the car

betty1 1253627829


Sorry JCC wont work for me either. I am going to have to go to a Bank - anyone know which bank i can use, i know there are deadlines etc but my car has been off the road for a couple of years and i now want to put it back on the road, i have my mot and my insurance but not sure how to go about getting the tax paid - can anyone help me with this please

Many thanks

virtualm 1253742274

Don't they renew road tax in internet cafes? Not sure what website they use, but I remember being in the internet cafe on Tomb of the Kings road in Paphos. If your in that area might be worth giving them a shout.

Let us know how you get on - mine are due in December for both cars, cant imagine that will be fun going to a bank!

Phil Merry 1263750860

Hello Everyone

Road TAX On-line !!!!!!

Firstly, Road Tax is coming off vehicles (this year ? the tax is going on Fuel, have you noticed already the price increase) It was supposed to be off as of 1st Jan 2010, however, typical of Cypriot ways, they want to make as much money out of anything, it looks like it may be off in June 2010. Don't hold ya breath over this, lol.

Anyway back to the on-line purchase, firstly you have to register with JCC

Look for the 'new customer' link and register through that.

Once logged on you can start the process, I have seen that a lot of people cant get it in English! Unfortunatley most of you live in Little British Enclaves and don't mix much with real Cyprus, however, I understand you want the security, thats fine but please remember it is a foreign country and they are our hosts, try to learn the language a little, please. Right, sorry for that, back to it.

The URL link above will take you to the English version, if you forget the link, on the normal home page (in Greek), there is (in English) top right, the 'English' select button/link, click this.

Ok, once you are logged in, you can enter the details for anyone, this means that if there are several of you all wanting to do your Road Tax at the same time, use one persons login and have a Road Tax party and all do it at the same time.

There are a few things you will need to have to hand.

1. Vehicle Registration Number (the number plate)

2. Owners Reference number¹
(last 3 digits) This seems to be the stumbling block! theis the last 3 digits of the Owner ID number on the Logbook certificate for the vehicle being Taxed.

3. Valid Insurance - you will be asked for the details of this, so have it handy when doing this bit.

4. Valid MOT, in general, the system checks this and will not let you continue without it, you will not have the opportunity to enter any information. Not sure how long it takes for this information to get the system from the MOT Test centre so please look at the renewal date of your MOT.

Once you have sucsessfuly gone through alll these things you will get your tax disk onscreen, you can then print this (look for the 'Print Version' link or button, you can also have it e-mailed to print later. Print it out and cut around it, or get a responsible adult to help you (LOL).

You can now go back and enter other info if you are helping a friend or at a party.

I hope this has been helpfull.


PS - GET YOUR FREE UK-CYPRUS Direct Dial Number at and click on the bjs Comms link to the right. If you want help, reply to this topic

Phil Merry 1263755226

Ref to my PS on previous post, the page no longer has the bjs link, try using this one, it works everywhere


virtualm 1263756213

Thanks Phil, already done online via JCCSMART (easy peasy).

Phil Merry 1263757154

Thought you had as it was an old post but thought it may help others, pass it on, lol


lawrence38-682147 1263821092

I'm sure it wouldn't be fair and LEGAL to wait for people to pay their tax and then put the tax in the price of gasoline...unless they've offered compensation/pay back. Even for Cyprus , this is wouldn't be possible.....

Phil Merry 1263843983


The last 3 numbers are the same as they are on the logbook for the vehicle and is merely a reference number at the time of registration.

If you look at your logbook near the bottom you will see it, the company I work for have 4 company vehicles and each one has the company registration number and as such, the last three characters are those I enter on the JCC application form.

You have to remember that Cypriot computer systems are not as sophisticated as the rest of the world,they have not had intergrated systems for that long, even at Limassol Port where I do a lot of business, still use runners to collect paper documents because they don't trust the information or data onthe computer,despite the fact that the paperwork collected was printed offthe same system.


lawrence38-682147 1263902272

For those of you who renewed the tax at a Bank (Laiki, Coop, Bnk of Cyprus), do they charge for that ? Since I don't have a printer I was thinking to do it at the bank..

desagun 1263904728

No charge. Just take your log book and insurance certificate and they do it free. It took the girl longer to walk to the printer than it took to type in the relevent numbers. I was in and out in 2 minutes. Took me longer to find the scissors to cut out the tax disc. De

lawrence38-682147 1263912256

Which bank did you go to ?

conmac 1414707931

do the last three letters of your passport work?

AndrewMoni 1414710858

Look at your registration document.  If you used a passport as your ID when you registered the car then the 3 digits will be the last 3 digits as recorded on the document.  It is the last 3 digits as recorded on the registration document, which will usually be either passport or residence number.  All they are trying to do is ensure the owner is payinf the tax!!!!  At the end of the day - as long as you have the document you do not have to 'guess' as to what will work! 

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