Towing yacht from Limassol docks to marina

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I have a 9.5m long yacht which I am hoping to  ship from uk to Limassol Docks and and need help with advise about how I can get it towed from the docks to Limassol Marina.My yacht will arrive on its own trailer dimensions with yacht on it 2.98m wide, 4.2m high but can be reduced to 3.8m if mast is put under boat.  Trailer and boat is 12m and total trailer weight is about 3400kg.Does anyone know trailer regulations in Cyprus? So that I can make sure the trailer is compliant.does anyone know someone or a company that could tow the trailer to the Marina for me on a commercial basis?once the yacht has been launched the trailer will be surplus to my requirements and therefore I would like to try and sell it in Cyprus.  I can provide details if anyone is interested, so far it has only done 400 miles and has 6 adjustable legs and central keel support for yachts with a keel length of up to 2m.  It also has marinized wheels so can be used for self launching if adapted for smaller draft boats.

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elvalle 1511922826

Hi Richard, there are many boat yards in Limassol who can help with transport and towing. You would have to get your trailer registered and MOT I think in order to sell it though. I have the number of a guy in Limassol with a small boat storage yard and he speaks perfect English, his name is Takis and his number is 99604051. He is very helpful and I am sure he will be able to advise you.

Robert, Pissouri

Richard -Woolf-915300 1511950582

Thanks. I'll try and call him

Richard -Woolf-915300 1511956708

Hi Robert. I have tried the number for Takis. But it come back as not recognised. Can you please check the number or give me an alternative way to contact him. 

green2-887827 1512505629

Hi Richard,

I have shipped boats from the UK and to different parts of the world.  I can answer most of your questions and also help you with moving your boat in Cyprus as well as customs clearance. Elvalle is correct about your trailer, it will be illegal here in Cyprus. most of them are!

Give me a call - Chris -  96888392.   I can also speak to Takis about towing as i do work with him a lot.

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