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Larnaca-based English singer/songwriter/musician seeks good musicians, to form a band, for live performances/recording etc! I have the drummer already, so Lead/rythym guitarist, Bass guitarist, Keyboardist sought! Please contact Charlie. 97820692 Look forward to hearing from you!

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I am looking for a creative writer for the production of a short film in Cyprus. Anyone interested please contact me 

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Hi I’m writing to askif anyone can recommend a TV engineer in the Episkopi/Erimi/Kolossi/Pissouriareas. Our television hasbeen playing up since before Xmas; when watching it as normal (i.e. throughHDMI), it's OK for about 20-30 minutes, but then the screen goes blank with amessage indicating that the signal from the box has been lost.  We've had 2replacement boxes from our TV provider, bothof which they have assured us are in perfectly good working order. They havecalled out their contracted engineers (from Redmax) out to realign thesatellite dish & check all the relevant connections, all to absolutely noavail. (Oddly enough, wecan still mirror live/catch-up TV from our tablet using HDMI  without any problems). I have todayborrowed a spare TV from an electrical shop. If this substitute TV does notwork, then it would appear to prove beyond doubt that there is a problem withthe cables/connections/ box. (Obviously, if the substitute TV did work, thenour telly was faulty all along). We would reallylike an engineer to come round to our house, who’s prepared to be thoroughenough to examine and identify/eliminate every single cause of this issue –whether it be the TV, box, dish, leads, wall plugs or anything else. Anyrecommendations would be gratefully received. Very many thanks inanticipation of your help.

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Hello. I saw Frank Skinner on BBC4 last week talking about George Formby and the ukulele. Apparently the ukulele is one of the easiest instruments to learn to play and has become the most popular musical instrument to learn in British schools. There are also amateur ukulele bands and clubs springing up and down the UK.I wondered, does anyone in Cyprus know how to play the ukulele, and if you do would you be interested in starting a new ukulele club here for beginners? This would be in the Larnaca area. We would need some help in teaching beginners how to start playing, but the whole thing would just be a bit of fun, nothing too heavy.

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Hello, Does anyone know of a book club in Nicosia? If not, would anyone be interest in starting one? Nothing too serious, just nice books, a glass of wine and company! Please let me know if you are interested. Marianna

started by: IanfromShropshire · last update: 1517131711 · posted: 1517131711

Hi all,I’m not new to Paphos but I’ve now had the last of mypossessions shipped over from the UK and I need to connect my TV. I alreadyhave internet connected I need a good TV package that I can connect wirelessly throughmy internet, so I can watch UK tv channels.I’ve seen a package being sold by www.satellitecyprus.net for a one-offpayment of €139 which looks perfect for what I want. Does anyone out there usethis package and is it any good? Or can someone recommend a better deal? I justneed the main UK & freeview channels and anything else like boxsets, etcwould be a bonus.Thanks in advance,Ian

started by: andy-sharma-867403 · last update: 1511851222 · posted: 1511851222

Looking for a hifi repair specialist that can work on old valve reel to reel tape players. Found somebody in nicosia from Facebook but have no idea how good he is.... looking for somebody more limassol. Main thing is trusting somebody with your vintage equipment who is competent.thanks

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Hi  everyone. I'm looking for guitar player, to accompany Christmas song in Bossa Nova style.  It will be one song (or more if we become a good team) street entreatment and will be recorded. If you interested please call me 99010967

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HIJust wondering if anyone knows what date the Happy Valley Bonfire and Fireworks are on this year.   Also what time do they start?Thanks

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Friday 10th November 18.30pmTerra e Mare 198 Amathountos Avenue, 4533 Pareklisia, Limassol, CyprusTickets €10 (children €5)Buffet Supper availalbe afterwards at €10Reserve tickets for both by calling :99430167or through any choir/band memberProceeds to The RBL Poppy Appeal

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HelloPlease help me identify this song that i have heard a few month ago on an online Cyprus RadioThank you very muchhttps://youtu.be/qmkAYjL6U5A Liviu

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HiCan anyone recommend a good VPN provider which will not onlylet me have access to BBC Iplayer (for example), but will also let me haveaccess to betting sites such as Bet365 and Betfair? I currently subscribe tounblock-us.com, and until recently had no difficulty in accessing these sites,but for some reason am now encountering problems in doing so.Many thanks in anticipation.Regards

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Is filmon not free any more or is it only affecting me?I only get 2 minutes free and then they want me to have a paid subscription

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Am looking for any bass and keyboard players who may be interested in forming a new band - I'm in the Paphos area but could travel to Limassol if necessary. I'm a singer, although not full time and probably not thought of as a professional, but have had some gigs in this area and know of a good lead guitarist who is also interested. Would love to hear from anyone who thinks they would like to give it a try!

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The Grape and Grain presents our Annual Valentines’ Day Disco on February 14th featuring DJ Andy(That's me) commencing 7.30pm until late. Whether you are dating, single, happily married or happily divorced – love is in the air down at The Grape and Grain!! Come and join us for a fun and romantic evening under the stars in the lovely Pissouri Bay!  Ladies dare to wear that Little Red Dress! Guys smarten up – wear something red!! Prizes for best dressed Singleton and Couple and special offers on bubbles!.  Be there or be square!!*Free Admission* 

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Would you like to be a country singer ? Do you like to sing country songs on karaoke ? If so and want to join me I sing all types of country have all my own equipment ..if you want to try it out and practice first please send me details of your age a photograph and a recording of your voice IF you have one if you haven't no worries you can sing at my studio for a try out..what have you got to lose. singing to backing music ..would be a DUO Thanks Maddy

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Hi!I am half-russian, half-ethiopian singer (non-professional, but took private lessons two years and had experience in music band in Moscow), looking for music band in Limassol or actually anywhere in Cyprus.Sorry for attaching home video with bad sound quality instead of studio record (I have album with band, created in music studio, but many years ago and voice has changed). https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0-g_eMnkWtGaWhJQ1IwXzh6Z28/view?usp=sharingMy favorite music bands: Jesca Hoop, Lissie, Emiliana Torinni, Gaye Su Akyol. Light of Babylon and many others. As you can see - not only one style.I easily can write lyrics, english isn't my native language, but I still can.I speak EN, RU and TR.Looking forward to your replies:)You can send PM here or in FB (Yu Leçka).

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I have lost "Quest" on UK live TV. Anyone experienced the same problem? Can it be fixed?Thank yo

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