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  • Are you willing to do whatever it takes to be successful ?

  • Do you spend hours practicing and learning your craft but have a hard time improving your music career ?

  • Are you the only one in your band that feel like you can “make it" if you had the right team of people just like yourself ?

If so, keep reading... This might be what you're looking for.

I'm THRILLED to to put together a team of highly-motivated and high-performance people just like yourself! Building a successful band is difficult without proper leadership and a good work culture.

Therefore, if you have the right attitude and mindset, and are willing to do the hard work, success is TOTALLY within reach ! Remember, life is a team game.

If you're still reading up to this point, I assume you are one of the RARE people that have what it takes. Now, let me get into the details. 

Genres I'm interested in :

  • Hard Rock / Punk Rock / Pop-Punk 

  • Thrash / Heavy / Power / Symphonic / Glam (Metal)

I'm looking for :

  1. Rhythm Guitarist

  2. Drummer

  3. Bassist

  4. Keyboardist / Violinist

And this is what I'm looking for in you :

  1. Highly-motivated

  2. Professional attitude & work ethics

  3. Master of your instrument

  4. Always on time and not waste any of it

  5. Willing to put down your ego and work as a team

Location : Nicosia, Cyprus

Together with your help and the right people, we can build an extremely successful band. Until now you truly believe you have what it takes, let's talk. 

Can't wait to talk to you guys! 

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