Rocky Horror Picture Show

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We (the Phoenix Performing Arts Group) are trying to ascertain if there is enough interest on the island to hold a Rocky Horror Picture Show - where the audience (not just the cast) would dress up and take part. We have a 70 seat venue with a stage, if we can fill it - we can do it..... The show has acquired cult status in many parts of the world, and I am aware of several enthusiastic devotees here in Paphos. If you dream of dressing like Frank, RiffRaff, Magenta or Columbia, and yearn to do the Timewarp (again) get in touch.....

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tonypp 1405204945

Haven't worn stockings for years, don't think I have the legs anymore. Do it , I will risk giving myself a panic attack if I get stopped on the way there.    Tony

Mjay666 1405327208

Definitely want to see this!

diamond-diva 1405361636

Hello, I would be interested in taking part in the show if there are cast spaces available, 

I have played Janet, Frank N'Furter and Riff Raff over the years and have been in the show 9 times.

I have been a regular on the cabaret sceen here in paphos for the last 5 years as Ms Debonair.


thedwarf 1405439888

Tony - I'm sure you will only get pulled by the fuzz if you really really ask for it

Mjay - is that a yes or a no for getting into character

Diva - sounds like you you're not far off being able to do a one-man show !!! How are you at quick changes ???

We still need a few more bums on seats to make it achievable - come on you dreamers, turn your dreams into reality.........

diamond-diva 1405440121

have you posted this on any groups on favebook as it might get about better on there as well.

I do a 20 woman 1 man show lol

thedwarf 1405440992

I created a club page a couple of days ago, but haven't had time to push the links, I'm pretty sure the support is out there, just need to tap into it - we still have a week or two to spread the word before we have to go for plan B and do a variety show  - you can see our last effort - the Wild West Show - on YT

Mjay666 1405498980

I am strictly an audience member, I wouldn't say no to being a dressed up audience member, sure thats part of the fun of the rocky horror. Diamond-diva is my husband, I can definitely vouch for his/her quick changes (1 minute 15 seconds the last time we timed it!) I should be able to help with getting bums on seats too, I know a lot of people that would definitely want to be in the audience :) 

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