TV engineer in Episkopi/Erimi/Kolossi/Pissouri area

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Hi I’m writing to askif anyone can recommend a TV engineer in the Episkopi/Erimi/Kolossi/Pissouriareas. Our television hasbeen playing up since before Xmas; when watching it as normal (i.e. throughHDMI), it's OK for about 20-30 minutes, but then the screen goes blank with amessage indicating that the signal from the box has been lost.  We've had 2replacement boxes from our TV provider, bothof which they have assured us are in perfectly good working order. They havecalled out their contracted engineers (from Redmax) out to realign thesatellite dish & check all the relevant connections, all to absolutely noavail. (Oddly enough, wecan still mirror live/catch-up TV from our tablet using HDMI  without any problems). I have todayborrowed a spare TV from an electrical shop. If this substitute TV does notwork, then it would appear to prove beyond doubt that there is a problem withthe cables/connections/ box. (Obviously, if the substitute TV did work, thenour telly was faulty all along). We would reallylike an engineer to come round to our house, who’s prepared to be thoroughenough to examine and identify/eliminate every single cause of this issue –whether it be the TV, box, dish, leads, wall plugs or anything else. Anyrecommendations would be gratefully received. Very many thanks inanticipation of your help.

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